Prison Break’s Saved Nip

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🙂 Well last nights premiere of Nip/Tuck was … interesting.  I’ll admit it, I was diappointed.  It wasn’t very exciting.  Maybe I expected too much after last season’s serial killer.

However, the one thing I LOVE about the show is when the character with conflict (in last night’s case, Dr. Troy) runs into people and they don’t know about his conflict but say things that make the light bulb over his head flicker (IE you can’t help who you love).  And I loved the Movie Previews.  I can’t wait for Running With Scissors and the preview for Stranger Than Fiction had me in tears, even though I can’t stand Will Ferrell.  Otherwise, fairly uneventful.

Prison Break was, *gasp* a bit of a disapointment this week too.  I KNEW fat boy was gonna give it up, but I was still on board until Sucre *heart* evaded the cop who never saw him slip out of the car and run.  Totally didn’t buy it and I guess *grumblegrumble* they can’t all be heartstopping.  It was still good just not the thrill ride I’d gotten used to.  Maybe Bellick does have his uses.  😉

I’m still on board for Vanished which was really good as was the season finale of SAVED *heart* again.  Lots of great surprises though I thought the whole “change is good” theme was a bit overdone.

10 thoughts on “Prison Break’s Saved Nip

  1. Damn. I totally got my days confuzzled and missed Nip/Tuck! Agree with your assessment of Prison Break–these near misses have the potential to beocme routine. Still looking forward to LOST!

  2. Don’t watch any of those – but I did see Standoff last night and it was pretty good. Still have the tapes of Bones and House to go through. So much to catch up on, so little time.

  3. I’ve never seen Nip/Tuck, but one of these days I’ll catch up. I always join series like that late…

    Can’t wait for Lost!!!!:yippee:

  4. I always have control of the evening TV–you know why? IT”S MINE!!!!!!! :uzi:

    May I emailed you.

    Larissa Nip/Tuck better pick up QUICK!

    Bailey I skipped Standoff but i did catch Bones. Better than last season.

  5. I got into Vanished too. Darn another show to watch and I said my plate was full, drat. I have a friend at work that loves prison break, swears by the show but alas I can’t take on anymore, I need to write. :tater:

  6. I love Prison Break! Michael kept me watching last season (okay, Michael and Sara) but now I’m leaning toward Lincoln. I have some issues but I can overlook those in favor of the pretties.