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I’m giving away pressies! Over at SFC …you’ve got a week to share your Happy Holiday tips!

Over at NAS last week I blogged about buying my own Christmas presseis too…..Funny enough I’ve picked up TWO Young Adult books — for me — and a new CD. And then the other day at Target I picked up Holidays are Hell (like I needed another book).

I PROMISE everything will go in my stocking. 😀

So..what have you picked up lately? And do you have any Christmas traditions? We spend Christmas day watching movies…….gee wonder why? LOL

9 thoughts on “Pressies!!!!!!!

  1. I’m terrible about shopping for myself when I’m supposed to be Christmas shopping for others. It’s so hard – the temptations! I recently bought some new perfume (Gwen Stefani’s – I love it) and an Amy Winehouse CD. Yeah, Merry Christmas to me! LOL

  2. I just spent a TON on Amazon, Wine Country and Godiva for Christmas presents. And now my mood is hopelessly foul. I always get this way after spending money…. LOTS of money at that….

  3. If you’re talking about picking up books, I posted about my latest finds in my blog. 😉 As for Yule, my tradition is to lit a small fire and spend the night out – even if it’s (very) cold – talking, singing… you know, sharing.

  4. Bailey ME TOO!, Hallmark chanel and Lifetime ALL weekend–the dh is totally making fun of me grrrr

    we always play board games–once we’re have done the family rounds (which takes a huge chunk of the day–4 diff houses–GAW!)

  5. Our biggest tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve. Starts at 11pm and by the time it’s over the bells are ringing in Christmas day. Then we go home and my kids open one present – always a new pair of pj’s.

    As far as presents for myself? Well, if I don’t buy them, no one else is. That’s the sad part of being a divorced single mom.

  6. After all the pressies are opened (we stretch it out until 3 or 4 pm), then we begin our annual viewing of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    This year, we’ll be watching it on a new LCD TV and I’m SOOOO excited!

    Also, like Lynn, we go to church on Christmas Eve–our mass starts at 10 pm, so we’re home by 11:30 or so. Then the kids open one present–again, new pjs! (I don’t even try to fool them…) and then, after much discussion about the earliest time they can wake us up…we go to bed. Or, rather, THEY go to bed. We play Santa, while drinking champagne or Baileys and THEN we go to bed.

  7. Colleen!!! LOL My kids are done in like fifteen minutes!!!!!! And they are WARNED not to get me up before 8 LOL Then from 8:15 on till about 2 or so we watch movies.

    Congrats on the new TV…I splurged earlier this year and got myself one…it rocks!