Potty Mouth Warning

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To the lady driving in the fast lane your mini van doing 33 in a 40 and talking for miles and miles and miles this morning and blocking traffic probably the entire FRICKEN way to work: I flipped you off because you’re a stupid inconsiderate bitch.  Maybe in future, you’ll be aware enough of your surroundings to HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE or GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE FAST LANE cuz you know, some of us like to go the FUCKING SPEED LIMIT!!!!!!

*Deep Breath*

Whew….I feel better.  A little.  Now.

American Idol.  What can I say?  Go read my comment at SFC on Tanya’s blog. If you feel so inclined…or not.

Also finished The Girl She Used to Be this week and it’s frickin phenomenal!  I can’t say enough good things about this book.  It has a romance but it’s NOT a romance and the end is bittersweet but spot on.  It’s first person, present and so well done you don’t even realize it.

NAS is celebrating it’s birthday next week so we’ll be giving goodies away all week long AND my blog turns five (WOW) in June.  I’m open to contest suggestions so lemme have em 😀

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