Pollie Picked a Peck of Pink Prophylactics

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I can see Raine running away NOW!

No No WAIT!!!!!!!! :kiss: I’ve decided that since I have to blog at SEx today*, I’ll save my little game for over there.

And Raine, if you give it away, I’ll sik Silver on you! :die:

*Changed to today–4/26! Please Pop In :fly:

5 thoughts on “Pollie Picked a Peck of Pink Prophylactics

  1. (Raine, assuming her best dentist’s-drill wielding Nazi accent…)
    Is it safe?? 😕

    Ol’ Silver just got hold of a nasty patch o’ loco weed, that’s all… :poof:

  2. When my day at SEX is over, I’ll tell ya’ll what Raine REALLY said about the assignment! 😎