Paula Got a Haircut

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Or took off her weave. I’m not sure which but it didn’t improve her speaking skills AT ALL!

1. Luke “Jitterbug” Menard–My dude 🙁 What the WHAM were you thinking? You sounded like a really bad George Michael impersonator. Like REALLY. BAD. I agree w/Simon you sounded girly. Like 12 YO’s at a slumber party singing along with the radio girly. Buh-bye now.

2. David “Social Conscience” Archuletta–Good interpretation of a Phil Collins song but I have to agree w/Simon again–lighten up. You’re only seventeen. Not sure I agree w/Simon about you being in the season finale (Top 2? Ummm you and Michael Johns)

3. Danny “TMTH” Noriega--I’m totally laughing my freaking ass off over Tainted Love. What a song pick. MY DUDE! That said I’m not sure I liked it. It was definitely interesting. I think you’re just a little too over the top but I DONT agree w/Simon on this one. I almost think Simon was either a) Goading Danny or b) Goading VFTW

Paula…WTF was that mass incoherency? If you watch…all night….she’ll go to compliment whoever is singing, then stop IN THE MIDDLE and say ALL THE BOYS ARE WONDERFUL! WTF

4. David “Boogie” Hernandez–okay that was almost TOO easy 🙂 Um WTF…….Celine Dion? What. The. F*ck! I wonder whose vote you were working for last night? Because that was totally…just…WRONG!

5. Michael “The Roo” Johns–Okay, I’m sorry but I totally laughed at his story about getting beat up. Totally disagree w/Simon here. I thought it was a great song, great interpretation and great vocals. He’s got SUCH a strong voice and IMO Star Quality stage presence.

6. David Cook–HELLOOOOOOO, I don’t remember what your embarrassing moment was. He doesn’t leave much of an impression on me. I almost wish he’d left the guitar at home. I don’t agree w/Simon that it was was risky and/or exceptionally done. It was a good interpretation–very alt rock/emo vibe but I just didn’t care for it. It’s a taste thing IMO.

7. Jason “Loose Dreads” Castro–You are so funny and so cute I just want to pinch your head off and hang it from my–oh wait. Sorry. I LOVE This song, don’t know the name of it but he has SUCH a PURE voice. I thought it was really great–not his best, but great. I didn’t get the degree of difficulty thing though I do know singing with just a guitar is hard.

8. Chikezie–I don’t remember your embarrassing moment either but who the hell cares. I totally disagree w/SImon–I don’t think it was Cabaret; I thought it was wonderful and strong. Ignore him, my pet. You gave me chills.

Sooooooo who’s going home? Paula? Can we vote her off the island? Seriously, overall I don’t think ANYONE sucked–except for Luke “WTF” Menard. I do think because of VFTW we might see someone who doesn’t deserve to go home yet leave us on Thursday.

Going Home: LUKE MENARD and….I dunno. Maybe Danny or one of the Davids–again I think it’ll be someone who doesn’t quite deserve to leave yet.

*I got pages last night. going to try and catch up on my Sven writing this afternoon but I have to buy food and get a haircut.
* I had a dream last night. Early this morning. Someone was singing “New York, New York” — it was bizarre but I’ve been having a lot of nightmares lately. Most of which I can’t remember other than having the bejesus scared out of me.

5 thoughts on “Paula Got a Haircut

  1. Last night was a good night for the guys, but it didn’t really begin for me until Michael. I liked Paula’s haircut. But as you said, it did nada for her word choices for the evening.
    Luke will go, and Lord please answer our prayers and dump that twerp Danny Eyeroll Eckk Noriega.

  2. Gotta agree on Luke’s nails on chalkboard singing. I also though everyone else did an admirable job. I was pleasantly surprised by JCastro and seriously disturbed by Paula. Have you seen the video at ? It’s one of many such videos that are both painful and…wild.

    Looking forward to the girls tonight. I’ve already made predictions on my blog. We’ll see…

  3. Karen you and I are on the same page. Luke sucked, and Noriega’s ‘tude schtick expired 5 mins ago.

    Did not agree with Simon on Chickezie.

    Amie, check out youtube for Jeff Healey doing Leonard Cohen’s Hallehuja. It tears your heart, which is why I was ‘meh’ on Castros rendition.

    I’m not feeling David Cook, can’t remember a single one of his performances (which also means he wasn’t amazing nor was he shite) but he really stood heads and shoulders above the crowd yesterday.

  4. She was…something. I have heard that she has some health problems that crop up. Maybe she was on serious meds.

    Chikeze’s bad moment was figuring out he’d been using the girls rest room at school. Um…wow. That’s the worst he could come up with?