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First…..you really REALLY need to check out Mik’s Thursday Thirteen over at SFC.

Also check out Slim Camp updates and my guest post over at Sasha’s blog today.

It’s so funny, I hear folks all the time saying, “I could never give up _______” but you’d be surprised what you can give up with the proper motivation (ie no choice LOL). Even my cousin, who really needs to lose no weight but wanted to know what I was doing, balked at the idea of giving up her beloved Diet Coke.

It’s not 13 but here’s a few of the things I’ve given up in the last year (cheating aside–yes I cheat).
1. Sugar
2. Wheat
3. White Rice
4. Caffeine in all it’s glorious forms
5. Pasta
6. Alcohol (doesn’t mix with the diabetes meds so well)
7. Cigarettes
8. Soda

Things I miss:
1. Sweet Tea (HELLO this IS the south *sigh*)
2. Cigarettes and coffee in the morning
3. White rice
4. Spaghetti (though buckwheat pasta is actually a pretty good substitute).

So what would you give up? What do you think you could never give up? And have you given anything up?

5 thoughts on “Other Places

  1. Great blog at Sasha’s. Congrats on the additional 4 pounds! I’m envious; although, I have no reason. I haven’t made any real effort in the last week or so.

    You are a much better woman than me. If I’d give up sugar… no telling what I could do. Actually, if I’d just make myself use the :bleep: gym membership I pay for… ~~sigh~~

  2. Hm. I think I could give up… oh, I don’t know… ice cream. Out of sight, out of mind! If I don’t buy it, I’m good. :woot:

  3. I still drink coffee but Tanya……Mik…….you’d be surprised at how little you miss the caffeine once you’ve weaned yourself off it. Now if i drink it, I shake. Tea doesn’t bother me but a cup of coffee will…heck I even had half-caf the other day thinking I”d be okay–WRONG!!!!!!!! :yell: