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So yesterday morning I get up and I’m schlubbing around the house, dragging tail because I took a Claritin at 4 AM and went back to sleep. Oops.

I fill my coffee cup and notice all three cats hovering on the table. This is where their food bowl is. We don’t use the table; it’s acts as a “stuff” magnet…you know, where everyone throws their stuff?? And if the food is on the floor, the dogs will eat it–I check, “Yup,” it’s got food so why the hell are they hovering like a pack of hyenas?

Who knows. Who cares. My head hurts and I have a KILLER day ahead of me.

Off to work I go and, yup, it’s a killer day! I come home and son #1 is hovering in the kitchen. We chat and sure enough one of the cats is sitting on the table making all kinds of noise. WTF?!?! There is FOOD in the BOWL (and apparently not only did Ham get into it with Nat but he also got into it with the chihuahua! Keeping mind Ham is 18 pounds, Nat is 7 pounds and Lola comes in at a measly 5).

#1 walks over to the bowl and says, “You have food– der, hey mom, look!”

And he holds up a bowl full of DOG FOOD!

I’m over at NAS today asking what you’d do for d*ck and giving away books! So stop by!

2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. I do dumb stuff like that when I’m tired too. Cereal in the fridge, milk in the cabinet; dog food scoop in the trash instead of back in the food bucket, etc. Can’t even tell you how many dog food scoops I’ve thrown away.

  2. Except I didn’t feed the cats LOL Someone else must have Sunday night and of course, the bucket of dog food is RIGHT UNDER the cat food bowl (under the kitchen table because of course, if not the dogs would get on the kitchen table and eat the cat food thus negating the putting of the cat food on the table in the first place!)