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There is a God and she likes me! :kisses:

Prison Break producer Garry Brown confirms that the show soon will open a production office in downtown Dallas, with filming scheduled to begin on June 15.

The new season will have its inmates on the lam after they busted out of jail last Monday. Various area locations, as well as the city itself, initially will be cast as “Anywhere USA” as part of Prison Break’s evolving “road show,” he says.

10 thoughts on “Oooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooo

  1. LOL Marty I’m salivating………..stupid pres had to go and crash the part but WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :yippee:

  2. I wonder if this means all my buddies who were thrown out of work when Walker, Texas Ranger closed down will be back in business?

    Just a hint, ladies – stuntmen are just as good looking as the actors they double for, and a lot easy to get to.


  3. It was FAB!!!!!!! I read on the msg. board about someone important dying and figured it was him, then they fooled me–the kids said she’d die but I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!

    I’m still OMG on Sarah though! :bleep: and the plane! :crazy: I think i gave myself an ulcer!

    Mark….LOL Duly noted!!! :woot:

  4. I know, Sarah makes me cry–but she can’t be out of the story 🙁 Do they plan to follow all the characters?

  5. Marty I don’t know!!!!!! I’ll have to check the message board and see if it says anything. They never *said* she was dead, just that they thought she’d be a DOA–danged if she didn’t look dead though :doh