15 thoughts on “OOOOOOOO-klahoma!

  1. And did they actually bring an elephant in amongst the corn and measure? Wouldn’t that have trampled the corn? And is the elephant climbing clear up to the sky or the corn? And if it’s the elephant, would they need to carry around umbrella’s all the time just in case it poops? Gives a whole new meaning to wind sweepin’ down the plain.:mybad:

  2. Sooooooo OKLAHOMA. Great state. Great! 😆

    Now begins a rough estimation of the events surrounding OKLAHOMA. Names have been changed to protect the driver (IE NOT ME)

    We’ll call her DAISY. Daisy and I went to Gainesville to the outlet mall yesterday afternoon for some girltime, shopping and stuff. The find of the day? Fuzzy chenille socks for a buck. We each bought 8 pair. What are we gonna do with 8 pair of fuzzy chenille socks? You’ll just have to wait and see 🙄

    So we leave and go in search of this pub we heard about with great food :memememe:

    I say, “I think you need to go over the bridge and head that way” I have no idea which way that way is but that’s okay. We get on the highway and I say, “I think we might need to turn around.”

    Daisy says, “Oh NO! We haven’t passed Wal-Mart yet”
    Okay fine. Then we pass a sign that says “Gainesville” Population whatever. It flew past pretty quickly, and I think to myself, okay we’re entering Gainesville because the sign didn’t say “thanks for shopping here, come back soon” or “Leaving Gainesville. Thanks for the bucks” or anything like that.

    So we drive a bit further and we go over this bridge which spans a really wide ugly red river (this is important later). And I think to myself “That’s a really ugly red river.”
    “Den…er Daisy, I think we need to turn around.”
    “Nope we haven’t passed Wal Mart yet!”
    So then we pass these letters, big ones that spell OKLAHOMA :wtf: Not WELCOME TO OKLAHOMA or YOU ARE NOW ENTERING OKLAHOMA or TEXANS GO HOME, just big letters in the grass that say OKLAHOMA. Daisy is now on the phone with the hubster.
    “Daisy I think we’re in Oklahoma.”
    “OH NO!!!! We’re not in Oklahoma.”
    30 seconds later the WINSTAR CASINO appears on the right. Now everyone from Texas knows that the WINSTAR CASINO is in….you guessed it…OKALHOMA.
    Daisy is now yelling into the phone to her husband, “Oh my God we’re in Oklahoma” and I’m thinking to myself “and we never saw Wal Mart”

    We finally find a place to turn around while debating the merits of just going to the casino–we don’t–and we go back down 35 and cross that BIG UGLY RED RIVER AGAIN. This is when I realize it’s THE RED RIVER :doh :loser: which seperates TEXAS from OKLAHOMA :doh and then pass a sign that says ‘WELCOME TO TEXAS”

    DEAR OKALHOMA …please take note and consider a new sign for those of us directionally challenged. :crazy:

  3. LMAO!!! 😀

    Are we sure we didn’t hit the pub BEFORE we got lost??! 😎
    Sounds like lots of fun, lol.
    And I’m claiming this as a new catch-phrase…


  4. don’t forget I, er ah she, tried to convince you otherwise, as to the rock w/ letters that speel out the Sooner state, “No, it’s just a sign.”

    not that I know for sure….

  5. LOL Raine…and I can’t smoke in “Daisy’s” van so the first thing I did when we got to the pub (another exercise in “are you sure we’re going the right way”–and in DAisy’s defense we were) was light er up and order a drink :pimpn:

  6. LOL!

    Every time I hear the word “Oklahoma” I picture Steve Martin’s Ruprick character in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels running around yelling, “Oooookla-homa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma…”:lol: