Oh Look! Balladz

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I have 15 minutes until I leave work so it’s gonna bea quick one. But first WOOT! A female biggest loser!!!!

You can read more at msnbc.com

Also we’ve got the lovely Joely Sue Burkhart at Southern Fried Chicas today!

It was Mariah Carey night….I knew I was NOT in for a treat but forced myself to watch.

David Archuletta–do I even need to say it? Yes another ballad. I wasn’t feeling it. Frankly, I was bored.

Carly –MILES better than last week but shouty toward the end.

Syesha–better than Carly

Brooke–it was okay. I totally didn’t feel it. Nomally I can forigve her pitch, etc problems because I dig what she’s saying but not this week. I agree w/Simon–no meat.

Kristy Lee–she had a rough start but she gave me chills so I’m in. I disagree w/Simon who said she sounded whiny.

David Cook–*sigH* I hated it. Frankly it hurt my ears. Sometimes a revised hit doesn’t bother me but in this case it was like trying to squeeze my size 18 ass in a pair of size 8 jeans. Not happening. I actually fast forwarded through teh last half of his performance. Randy said brilliant; Simon said Fresh Amie says maybe next week.

Jason Castro–now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. I thought it was really good and am glad that Simon and Paula felt the same. It was just different enough to be different but not so different it hurt like David Cook.

4 thoughts on “Oh Look! Balladz

  1. I swear, I went catatonic like halfway through last night’s episode. I’m not Mariah’s biggest fan anyway, but ITA that most of the performances were oh-so meh. And now that Michael Johns is gone, there isn’t even eye candy! Sob!

  2. Giggling at size 18 ass into size 8 jeans. Off topic, but as my butt spreads, I’m increasingly disturbed by the “half an ass” worth of coverage that seems to be all the low rise fashion craze permits. For god’s sake, add another few inches of fabric back there. Plumber’s butt is so undignified. *ggg*

  3. oh I was soooooooooo pissed about Michael Johns. Didn’t watch last night. Had a meeting. I did see David Cook’s clip and I liked it. I think Michael Johns will go on and be a hit like Chris D.

    Amie, email me about the concert…….yay or nay….B-day prezzzzz

  4. Hey Rachel thanks for stopping by!!!!!

    I agree on the eye candy (though I do heart me some Jason Castro–and feel like a cradle robber for it)

    Charlie…OMG I totally have writer’s ass! Anyway……lowcut jeans I just don’t get it, plumber’s butt and thongs showing. I’m sorry…you can color me old fashioned but my momma raised me to NOT show the world my (clean) panties or bra straps.

    I KNEW You’d be pissed Hollie!!!! You called me the one night I left my cellie in the car. I”ll call you tonight after the x picks up the kids.