Not A Lot

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Work is about to kick my ass again. I SWEAR I make more work for myself but damn it’s fun!
In the mean time, here’s what I got as I continue to mull over my revisions.
“Success is sometimes best measured by spoonfuls. As we struggle with the changes in our lives, sometimes we are unaware of our accomplishments. Victories need to be celebrate, no matter how small the gain. It is critical that we look back from where we were days, weeks, months and even years before so that we are aware of our achievements.”
-Rosemarie Rosetti, Motivational Speaker

AMEN….just Amen. Got anything to add? Anything you’d like to brag on yourself about? Go for it.

5 thoughts on “Not A Lot

  1. It’s awesome that you have a job you enjoy. 🙂

    Also…I got a promotion with one of my publishers! I’m that much closer to being able to quit the evil day job. :bounce:

    Oh, and what are you revising? Something fun?

  2. Yeah for being able to quit the evil day job!!! I have the most awesome job ever!

    Revising a contemporary. It’s the 1st to 3rd thing :no: Either have to make chapter 2 work or cut it. Hate to cut it cuz that’s a LOT of the heroine then. *sigh* will mull some more.

  3. Let’s see. I found a hairstyle I want and am getting my haircut. We found the house we want and are moving in Feb. I turned in 2 projects so far this month, not including revisions, proofing, etc. And I baked cookies yesterday. It’s an achievement. :cloud9:

  4. Damn Char…no one likes a braggart! LOL kidding!

    Raine there’s something to be said for NOT being sent to prison!

    Hey I got to wear FLIP FLOPS TO THE GROCERY STORE (in January y’all).