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I have signed up for Nanowrimo. I’ve got a young adult I’m plotting and ten days to finish and edit my current WIP and a birthday party on Saturday….and birthday presents to buy tomorrow and a house to clean and a bike to find tonight for #1 child’s birthday *sigh* Knowing my luck the two new computers I ordered for work will arrive today. I KEEN DO THEESE!!!!!!!! :memememe: (yes yes that IS my fave smiley)

I know Stephie the Kitchen Goddess has signed on. Anyone else? Come on…..don’t be a wuss….. ğŸ˜Ž

17 thoughts on “Nano-Nano

  1. Like Jorie, I’m toying with the idea. I’m still not sure I am going to do it officially. Haven’t quite decided yet. I think it depends on if I can get a story prepped in time.

  2. I signed up, but now I have to come up w/ a story idea – small part I verlooked! :poof:

  3. You’re all nuts. Nuts, I tell ya! I have a really hard time doing anything longer than a BIAW, so NaNo would probabaly outright kill me.

    I’ll sing at your funeral. She died at word 50,001!

  4. I have done a brave and foolish thing: I have signed up for NaNoWriMo.

    Feeling slightly ill about it, 😳

    binni at NaNoWriMo

  5. I write too slow for nano to work for me, but one of the message boards I belong to is doing something with short stories for the month of November, so I might jump in there.

  6. nano is a crazy way to spend your Novemeber..I might do it again this year… :hideme: or maybe I’ll come my senses before then…:uzi:

  7. *Psycho walking this way*

    Yay on signing up!! We’ll all go nuts together.:woot:

    (so says stephie the kitchen goddess – BWAHAHAHA – I can’t WAIT to tell my husband that one!!!!)

  8. It crossed my mind, but I’ll have to take a pass. Good luck to the rest of you! I’ll serve baby duck and spray cheese on crackers while Sela sings… :woot:

  9. Don’t feel ill. Find somehting to write. Gruelling? It’s only 6 pages a day ya’ll!!!!!
    :memememe: :memememe: :memememe:

  10. Uhm…I’m not even sure what those letters stand for so I guess that makes me a wuss, too. I’m guessing it’s something like book-in-a-week?

  11. Larissa…as much as Steph can sit and write in one sitting, I think you should make her do yours too 😛

    Ya’ll have not lost your minds. Hell it’s only 50k. Not like they’re asking for twice that much.

    Janice yup it’s like BIAM but you do 50k in 30 days–national novel writing month :woot: