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First off, Lynn Viehl has a LBLI2009  (Left Behind and Loving It) reminder up. If you’re interested in participating, awesome! (Jen I’m looking at you…Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc…come on. Be a champ.  Pony Up.)

Anyway…about a month ago I was driving back from Home Depot with Kevin (that’s #2 son for those of you who forgot) and there was a squirrel in the road.  Now daddy alwasy said don’t swerve…just brake. So that’s what I did but Mr. Squirrely didn’t swerve fast enough and got himself squished.  *sigh*  I felt bad.  Kevin felt worse. Refused to even look at me but I tried to talk to him (he’s kind of sensetive).

We pull into the garage and I”m still talking but I’m starting to get a little tickled because I”m giving my son grief counseling over a deal squirel.  “Son, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill him.”

Son, “Sniff.”

“Dude…it’s okay.”  I’m still getting tickled, then I think up the perfect line.  “The squirrel’s with Jesus now.” And start laughing.  “Sorry…I didn’t mean to laugh.” And I laugh some more.  And Kevin still won’t look at me.

Just then Elvis (#1 or He who is taller than me), comes out and asks what’s wrong, and I get the giggles and say, “Your brother’s upset because I killed a squirrel and I tried to tell him– ” *snort* *face twitch* “–the squirrel’s with Jesus now.” *howling*

#1 is laughing too and Kevin says, “That’s not funny!”

#1 says, “It’s just a squirrel,” then goes around the other side of the car to talk to his brother.

I pat Kevin on the back and say, “Honey it’s all right.  Mr. Squirrely is with Jesus now.”  *more laughter* but now Kevin is out of the car and shoving his way past his brother to stand in the driveway with shaking shoulders because…he’s laughing.

Soooooo yesterday Kevin and I are on our way to Game Stop to exchange a game and I’m turning the corner and there’s a dead squirrel.  I swerved, not wanting to run it over–because it’s okay to swerve if they’re already dead, see?!

And Kevin goes, “Thanks for respecting the squirrel.”

“Your welcome son.” *snort*

So, what’s new in your world?

8 thoughts on “Mind the Squirrel Now

  1. I was actually going to blog about something else but after I had the window open like 3 hours and after doing a dozen different things all morning, I gave up!

  2. Hey, I have a question…

    What the hell is the Lorem Ipsum crap in your About section? I’ve wondered that for MONTHS!!!

  3. Oh I know! LOL

    BTW The voice teacher was VERY pleased with his range and he had a great time at lessons yesterday!!!

  4. LOL LOrem Ipsum is the dummy text they use to show what different blog effects look like. If you google like wordpress blog templates that’s what they use. I’m just too lazy to write a real, short about me and I thought it was funny just to leave it there


  5. Aww, yay! A little singer. 😀

    Ok, thanks for explaining the LI thing. It’s been driving me crazy…crazier. Whatever.

    Still having anxiety problems. UGH.

  6. He could probably tell you what she said his range was… heeh! Yeah I”m tickled!

    >>Still having anxiety problems. UGH.

    It’s the weekend! Almost! You can do it babe!