Mercury You Bitch!

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From Astrologyzone:

The planets are acting like little gremlins. On one hand, you have Mars in Leo, making you courageous, energetic, and ready to conquer the world. You’ve been moving at the speed of light since mid-October, but now you must allow some of that power and light that you created to carry you forward into March on its own.

That whole ‘speed of light’ thing is 150% true!! Unfortunately maybe only 1% of that 150% applied to my writing. And now, when I have two weeks to write n stuff Mercury is going retrograde!

Mercury will go retrograde this month in your sixth house of work projects from December 25 to January 16. This means you may have delays or re-dos in your work projects. Take it all in stride. Every human activity requires backtracking if it’s to become the best it can be.

By the way, with Mercury going retrograde, you must be sure not to buy any electronic items after December 8. If you must, give a gift card, but it’s more fun if you choose the item in December’s first week, wrap it up, and hide it under the bed! (BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH PEOPLE! SKIN…TEETH!)
Keep in mind, however, that Mercury will be retrograde and spinning confusion as early as December 9

Not only that, according to my ‘scope, it starts earlier than the 25th. Don’t believe me? Last time Mercury went backwards, I spent a week trying to get the bosses computer to take the Vista Service Pack 2 update. And yes, you could blame it on Micro-crap but there were other things. Earlier this month I put new memory in a co-workers computer which should have been a five minute job. It was more like an hour. I spent 2 weeks setting up and tweaking a new computer for the boss, then it had internet connection issues at her house PLUS it wiped out all the hotkey settings. We went 12 rounds. Son’s XBox broke (not sure THAT ONE was all Mercury!)….and we’ve been having trouble with the postage meter machine’s scale for the last month, over Thanksgiving I couldn’t get the new router to install at work so the techy guru came out this last week. It took him a while AND THEN he couldn’t get the copier to see the wireless adapter I’d installed πŸ™ He’ll be back…preferably after Mercury is done effing up my technological world.

But take heart! Mercury isn’t all bad. It’s a great time to think, to reflect on the stuff behind you and to work on revisions *cries*

8 thoughts on “Mercury You Bitch!

  1. That two weeks setting up the bosses computer–should have been a three or four day job. And oh yeah, let’s talk about all the website tweaking/updates I’ve tried to do all over the place and the database I’ve crashed twice trying to fix (it’s fixed! Thank God). Everything seems to take two or three times longer than it should. :no:

  2. Charlene…as long as technology isn’t involved LOL (btw I totally agree!! It’s a great time to clear the proverbial decks–as is the end of the year!

  3. Urm… have you ever seen your “real” chart. Ya know, if you were born when Mercury was retrograde, then it’ll actually work in your favor. πŸ˜€

    If not, then yes, you are screwed. But on a positive note, when Mercury goes retrograde, it goes retrograde for everyone, so we’re all fvked together no matter how you look at it. :cloud9:

    Screwy stuff with technology is in the realm of Ur…anus. :lmao: No seriously, it is. When techy stuff goes wrong, it’s usually something going on with Uranus. Look to the 11th house of friends and organizations to see what’s going on.

  4. I hate technology problems. I want to slam the computer against the wall! :diebastard:

    And I swear, I’ll have a problem that I fix and the next time I have the same problem, the previous fix doesn’t work .

    I hope your horoscope is just for you. I need mine to be something like…writes beautiful, flowing words on first draft. Hey! A girl can dream. :woot: