Major Writer Fail

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I don’t think I wrote 1000 words this week–I sitll have today to meet my #Vano goal of 22 pages but I don’t see it happening and that’s okay.  Really want to spend today cleaning even if it’s nothing more than an exercise in frustration–and then I’m off tonight for coffee or something with Jen.  I spent most of the week piddling and playing with a bunch of different projects including a YA I started in 05–Thank GOD I’ve mastered the fine art of POV 😀 Whoa–talk about bad LOL. That said, if I can come up with a plot the idea might still be viable. Yeah it had no plot. Not sure what I was thinking.

Also came up with a revision plan for another idea that I want to play with tonight and tomorrow. Overall, I think I just overdid it and need a little time to refill the well 😀

Also wrote first article for LBLI.  It’s pretty um harsh so I might send it out to a few friends to look at.  Thinking about doing one on writing from a dude’s POV since it’s something I do well.  Might also tackle writing supporting characters–also something I do well, unfortunatley I’m not sure HOW I do it well…I Just do and I keep getting asked to write something on Writing Great Sex Scenes (again apparently I do it well, i’m just not sure HOW I do it well) LOL And maybe one on Fear of Success and another on Writer’s block.  And I have a blog post on Beta Males stewing in my head.

I know I know! The life….so full of excite!

Currently reading: Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry (Zombies…yes!)

6 thoughts on “Major Writer Fail

  1. LOL BTW LOVED Your blog post!!!

    It’s an article geared toward newbie writers on actually BEING A writer.

  2. I really wanna read the one on beta males.

    You’re also a great atmospheric writer. You do setting very well.

  3. BTW I picked up the living room, swept dining and kitchen and made kid do dishes so his friend coudl come over but otherwise–no housework 😀