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Swiped from Larissa….

Are you full of holiday spirit?

Substantial Holiday Understanding
You’re a bit of a Holiday Martyr, you enjoy the season mostly because of other people’s happiness and involvement in it. You’re usually willing to forego your own needs in favor of creating good memories for other poeple, and see the holiday season as a time brimming with oppurtunities to do good for others. While you don’t have alot of cheer, you certainly have a great way of looking at the holidays.
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This has been a really good year, I’m blessed and I really wanted to give the kids an extra special Christmas (unlike them I remember the Christmas we got a tree out of the dumpster and the Christmases I had no money for presents). So much so I went out and even ebayed my way into a Nintendo Wii. It’s all #1 son asked for. He said if he got that he didn’t want anything else.

On Saturday he asked me if he could do something to earn money for Christmas presents. I told him to rake the front yard and bag the leaves. Five minutes later he comes inside complaining that it was too hard. Granted the grass under the leaves needs to be cut but….Then, on Sunday I was doing the laundry and guess what I found in the dryer? The iPod I got #1 for his birthday. Washed, dried and fried 🙁 His birthday was in October which means it’s not even 3 months old yet.

Irate wouldn’t even cover how angry and upset I am. I’m so tempted to sell that Wii 🙁 🙁

And guess who’s in grounded and in charge of yard work for the next….well until I feel like he’s worked off his iPod.

My opinionated ass is over at SFC today. And I’m giving away goodies over at the LSB Authors blog.

11 thoughts on “Mad Mommy Indeed

  1. Hm, sounds like a Mommy Dearest moment! LOL :bleep: I don’t even have an Ipod—and I oh-so want a pink one! :pleasepleaseplease: # 1 should be grounded!

    I have missed ya’ll here at the Blog— =( And have missed reading your posts! MySpace has sort of taken over my life :uzi:

    Oh…and I’ve somehow managed to adopt/foster yet ANOTHER cat…so that makes 6 :meow:. And am feeding 2 strays outside. And then of course, the fucking dog. :dead:

  2. #1 is going to be grounded! Don’t get me wrong, for all intents and purposes they’re both good kids but #1 is a candidate for Underchievers of America :bleep:

  3. Brimming With Holiday Euphoria!
    You are way into the whole holiday thing. You’re so full of cheer that others often stand in suspicious disbelief of how cheerful you are around late december. You’re usually too busy baking cookies to notice, though, and maybe that’s for the best. In any case, you are very full of holiday cheer, so good tidings this season!

    Yeah, whatever. No, I’m really trying, and I have been baking.

    You’re doing a good job – kids need to learn cause and effect, too many of them don’t.

  4. Wii – my kids broke their indestructable Game Cube – the man at the store DID NOT believe me when I told him so…. I am NOT gonna get them a new thing to break … okay I got them a much cheaper new thing… I am a push-over after all :heythere:

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