Mad Mommy Dearest Update

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So we get home last night and I’m piddling in the kitchen, trying to get dinner started, and child #2 is pretending he’s doing the dishes and child #1 comes wandering in from the living room and says, “How come girls can say things like “I love you” to each other and hug but boys can’t?”

I say, “Well–”

Then #2 son (who is 11!!) interrupts me and says “Because girl on girl is hot but boy on boy is grossssssssss!”

AFTER I picked my jaw up off the floor (and God help me, stop laughing) I say, “Where did you hear that?”

“Comedy Central.”


*fastforward to bedtime*

#2 goes to bed and #1 and I are still up. He takes a shower and brushes his teeth in my bathroom (I do not understand the new fascination with MY bathroom but oh well). He comes out and says, “I brushed my teeth for five minutes, then I shaved. It makes me look younger.”

(BTW Racyli thanks for stopping by! The comments closed before I could go back and leave you a note–Southern is a state of mind πŸ˜€ )

18 thoughts on “Mad Mommy Dearest Update

  1. Um. Okay I know I’m not supposed to be laughing but this is CRACKING me up! Mine is never allowed to get past age 6. HAHAHA

    KIDS. hahaha

  2. Mik…….*sigh* don’t we wish!!!!!!!

    Dennie…#1 got his OWN!!!! He signed up on some website and lied about his age and got a razor from Gillette for his “18th” birthday!!!!!!!! :wth:

  3. The next generation is getting their morality standards from Comedy Central?? :poof:

    They’re always in such a hurry to grow up. If only they knew… πŸ™„

  4. :crazy: I’ve been there… and still am with two boys, one 15 and one 17. Let me tell you… :yell: It’s INSANE some of the things they come up with. :wth:

  5. Anne you mean it gest WORSE?? :cry::cry:

    Raine…he shaved to look YOUNGER :yippee::yippee:

    PS we also got TP’ed last night!!!!! :bleep::bleep: Guess who gets to clean that up–Yeah Mr. Popluarity (aka #1)


    Really glad it’s not me, Amie.

    And Super-Racy is my CP. I need to bug her to let me read her current WIP because I need to procrastinate some more.

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  8. Oh, man, that is freaking HILARIOUS!!!!! And sounds like my husband, which is never quite that funny…

    Okay, and what’s up with the possum in the litterbox?

  9. Maria LOL He’s 11 it’s okay if he thinks it’s gross.

    Shelli I can see I need to lower his Parental Control!

    Marty…Bailey it’s so unfair as many years as I’ve shaved my legs *sigh* at the least my legs should look younger.

  10. Scooper…Jerri (thanks for stopping by!) …only in my house is it an insult to be called a cracker! I pick them up from daycare today and I get …. “Cracker.” then, “You’re whiter than me. You’re the cracker!”

    May I figured she was! πŸ˜€

    Larissa…sadly it is funny and very guylike–#2 scares me. Often.

  11. Amie,

    HEHEHEHE! That is too good. You need to file that one away and when he’s a parent – drag it out!

    My 13 year old is still a little niaive. Which suits me fine. He still talks to me – thank God. But, I don’t think he realizes that some of the topics he broaches are a shock to me. Not the topic itself, just the fact he knows enough to ask about it!