Let It Merry Snow Bells Rudolph!

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The queen doing what she does best! on TwitpicTis snowing here in N. Texas.  And of course, this being Texas, I was in short sleeves yesterday!!!! (which also means it probably won’t stick!)

Me thinks Ms. Natty there has the right idea on what to do with snow!!! Cooked a roast all night and made stroganoff and salad for lunch so the childrens is fed and we’ve had what passes for Christmas around here since they’re leaving for their Padre’s tonight–God Willing and the Snow Don’t Freeze (please God don’t let it freeze).

I realize snow is no big deal for most of you *coughRaineAndCharlenecough* but I’ve waited 40 years for a WHITE CHRISTMAS.  One year we even went to Upstate NY to see the maternal relatives and you know what?  First NON WHITE CHRISTMAS in like a decade.  It snowed a few days before we left–while we were out 4-Wheeling in the mountains.

Not only is this not my Christmas, it’s not my weekend so the boys and I did Christmas this AM and they leave for 4 days which is MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT from THEM! (heathens).

Never fear! I have plenty to keep me busy.

I hope you all have a warm, safe and lovely holiday with whomever you (don’t) choose to spend it with!

3 thoughts on “Let It Merry Snow Bells Rudolph!

  1. Yeah, I moan about the snow, lol–but ours is nothing compared to the Canucks (shudder).
    And methinks your kittle has the right idea too. :thumb:

    Wishing you a nice, white, peaceful, frivolous, non-maternal holiday, hon.
    Merry Christmas!! 😀

  2. Merry Christmas, Amie!!

    Sounds like you’ve been going all guns blazing. (a whole roast and stroganoff?) I *just* seasoned the chicken this morning (only me and kid having Xmas dinner this year, so scaling back on the eats). I did get the oragne chiffon cake done yesterday, though. Gotta have my priorities. lol.

    “Yeah, I moan about the snow, lol–but ours is nothing compared to the Canucks (shudder).”

    Bite your tongue missy. We had some flurries yesterday, but there isn’t a speck of white to be seen in these here parts as of this morning. I’m sure we’ll be snowned under come February. :-/

    Happy Holidays, y’all!