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No seriously, a conversation at SFC sparked a comment I felt was blog-worthy. *blows the dust off the blog*

TANYA SAID: You can’t remember the last time you read a romance? And you just said before that you’re not writing one either. So is this a shift? Are you leaving us, Amie?

And I’m totally not being a pouty bitch or anything when I say, possibly 😀 You see, I have learned the hard way, to NEVER say NEVER. And you know, this is NOT the first time the subject of not writing romance has come up–as it pertains to me. Don’t get me wrong. I love romance fiction, I cut my teeth on romance fiction but hello *waves* it’s not the only genre on the planet people. A couple of years ago I mentioned something, here on the blog, about not writing romance and Maya Banks asked me what I wanted to write. At that time, I didn’t have a clue, but in the world of writing, a couple of years is a VERY LONG TIME! In the last three or four years not only have I written erotica and erotic romance, I’ve dabbled in paranormal romance, futuristic/sci-fi urban fantasy — and why in God’s name is it EVERY FRICKEN TIME I set out to write an UF it has a sci-fi slant to it?? WHY???? ANYBODY? BUELER?? — I’ve dabbled in YA and I’m currently playing in Southern Fiction … which yes deserves to be in caps because, hell, it’s SOUTHERN fiction Y’ALL! 😀

Yes, as a writer you have to be true to yourself and true to the genre you’re called to write but I also believe, as writers, we do ourselves a HUGE ASS disservice when we burrow down in our comfort zone and order in Chinese. As writers we never stop learning, honing our craft, pushing ourselves to be better–or at least, I believe we shouldn’t. And while it might seem kind of backwards, I believe we should never stop challenging ourselves, we should NEVER set limits on what we can do. We should never say, “I’m just not going to master such and such skill.” Because you will. And here’s the kicker….once you master Skill A, ideally you’re going to be a better writer and as a better writer, you’re going to try bigger and better and harder things–some folks call them plots. Eventually you’ll run afoul of SKill B or Skill D….and guess what happens? You eventually master it. And then what happens? Along comes Skill F…and on and on and on.

Or am I the only fool who does this crap?

7 thoughts on “Leaving?

  1. Well said. And Ames – you have a very distinctive voice, one that lends itself to many different genres. I love your voice and will read anything you feel like writing. Go for it!

  2. 😆 I love romance, too. I have and do write a lot of it, but I’ve always been a reader who likes all sorts of genres. Story telling is a challenge, no matter what “type” you are writing. I agree with everything you’ve said 🙂 , not challenging yourself beyond the comfort zone, even if the stuff sits on your hard drive, can made some writers burn out.
    I thought it was “age” cough, a few years ago, just a natural evolution or whatever. I thought it was that I couldn’t relate to 99% of the books I was buying and not getting inspired like I used to be 9 years ago, when I had a burning fire in me to write BIG sweeping ST’s. I don’t know if it is the more serious turns in my real life; the loss of 3 sibs, a nephew, my fil, stuff like that… which happened (after) I had written lots of romance books. But when the stuff is in you, dark or light, it makes sense to me to write from there. That’s not always going to work in romance. I think I’m going to start answering people with “I write.” (period) because I have to write what I’m inspired to write. Sometimes that’s going to be light and fun. Sometimes it’s going to be romantic or hot.
    There’s a whole behind the scenes chatter going on between writers with market so crazy and many writers looking at what’s selling and trying to decide if they want to write for the market or for themselves.
    After all the madness, and stuff you read on line, publishing, industry, yada and getting distracted by the crazy market, you still have write and create something with lots of hard work. Who says you can’t enjoy it?
    If you must, you write, and I must, lol.
    I also understand the never say never. I never know what the “mood” or inspiration will produce. 😕 Writing does all sorts of cathartic things for the author who feels compelled to create with words. Don’t ever hamstring yourself if you feel like running with the mustangs sometimes, lol. It’s pretty darn freeing.
    I believe part of that “fearlessness” happens when you don’t even think about the market until you’re done. What i sometimes tell fellow authors is, first, you have to write the darn thing.
    I have the greatest faith in you, and admiration. Go, create, make thyself happy. 😎
    s’cuse any type-o’s
    I gotta go free a dark princess with an attitude, slay a warlord and torture a mage, then set a kingdom on fire. :diebastard: Later D aka EvieMac

  3. Sheesh, 🙄 just read that over and spotted all sorts of boo boos, rofl. Consider it fried cells posting, I would say I’ll post sometime when I don’t have half my head in an edit and the other half in a current wip, but that never happens. ((D)) Anyway, be fearless, my friend. 😎

  4. Cece, the first time I read your work I think I said to you that your voice sounded more comercial/woman’s fiction than romance. I’m not surprised that you’re leaning more towards that.

    I think anything I write will have a romance in there somewhere, subplot or main story line, but I like playing around/experimenting in different genres.

  5. “Hi, my name is Dennie and I’m a romance junkie.”

    I look for romance in EVERYthing I read, write and watch. And 90% has it to one degree or another. But that is just my mind set I guess. It’s funny ’cause I cut my teeth on books by Steven King and Dean Koontz which aren’t often too terribly romantic.

    For me personally, though, I just like to write. I write what I’m in the mood to write (which does vary to degrees). I think you have to be happy and liking what it is regardless of what it is. As long as that’s what you’re doing you’re good. When it’s too much a chore or makes you grit your teeth, it’s no longer fun/productive. If romance ain’t floating the boat–get into another river :yes:

  6. Sorry to sound like a cliche, but you need to go with your heart. Write what you want to write, don’t feel trapped in a genre just because you are in a comfort zone. You are smart, you like writing, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to expand your horizons!

    I am NOT a writer, but I AM currently taking a career break, trying to decide what I want to do next. So I kinda understand 😮

    I’m not sure about other readers out there, but I don’t read romance exclusively. In fact, I read mostly non-romantic fiction, so why is it wrong for a writer to write romance AND other fiction?