Last Time

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I’m over at the Mavens today blogging about how sometimes the writer’s life is like an episode of Lost (Please no spoilers. I haven’t watched the finale!)

Also the fabulous Lacy Danes is wrapping up our anniversary week at Naughty and Spice

And over at SFC Raine is blogging about….NOT. Really go check it out!

I dont know about ya’ll but it’s been a hell of a week. Summer is here; the kids are out of school in a week and I’m ready for some time away from this computer. I feel a hiatus coming on–a real one!

One thought on “Last Time

  1. I feel like I’ve been on hiatus while I’ve been writing a synopsis here and a proposal there. I’m ready to sink into a whole book. Enjoy your break, if you take one! It’s a nice time of year to get up and go do other things.