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Does anyone else use Kinja? It’s down–has been ALL DAY and i can’t read my blogs!! GAAAAAAAA
Anyway I”m trying to rebuild all my blog listings on yahoo *sighgrumblegrumblesigh*

I got five more pages today. Don’t beat me. Writing is writing, right? *ggg*

No Name Proposal

6 thoughts on “Kinja

  1. I used to have a Kinja account, but it was a bit too selective about which websites it would update, plus it wasn’t that fast at updating anyway, then I discovered Google Reader. Best thing ever.

  2. Karen I HATE how sometimes it’d update one and you’d get like 2 pages of blog posts but apparently, I’m much more a creature of habit than I thought! Its’ driving me crazy and it’ll probably take me another week to find/put in all my blogs into Google reader. *grumble*

  3. Yeah! I’ve got probably about 90% of my blogs in the Reader and I’m adjusting nicely LOL