June Writing Challenge Check In

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So…….Dennie, Jackie, Melissa, Raine (I know you got waylaid by edits)…how’s it going with the writing challenge???

I’ll admit these first few weeks of having the kids out of school have really not done me any good.  Yes, I’m making excuses because I’d rather do anything than edit (more).  Shall I talk about my sinuses?? heeh

Anyway I sitll have about 100 pages to write and about 12 days to do it in.  OR I blew my wad on May and there’s nothing left *ggg*  No seriously, I have middle of the book itis and a bad case of I dont want to edit.  Both of those coupled with my patented “It’s Summer and It’s Hot” Whine.

Would you like cheese with that?

Ok so how’s everyone else doing?

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