It’s all MINE!

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The house is mine again. Dropped #2 son off at football at 7 AM. #1 son got on bus at 6:45 AM. Early mornings means tired children who don’t stay up late talking smack and playing HALO 3.

Can I get a woot-woot!!?!?!?

And if that weren’t enough good news, THE BOOK IS DONE!

And if that werne’t enough good news DEATH RACE is out.

And if that weren’t enough good news I have a new book out.

And if that weren’t enough good news I’m off work Tuesday and Wednesday–while the kids are in SCHOOL BWAAAAAAAAAA

So come on. Share. What’s your good news? Come and be happy with me!

7 thoughts on “It’s all MINE!

  1. Good news??? Hmmm. Oh yeah, my kid is back in school, too. And, he actually says he is liking his teachers… so far. AWESOME.

    My bad news? I have been so busy preparing to change jobs that I haven’t written word one on the WIP in a couple of weeks. Bad girl, me.

  2. Good news? I survived the 8 plus hour shopping extravaganza yesterday. Never. Again.

  3. good news and bad news the same… my new book got 2 reviews ~ both were crap one said she thought my heroine was snorting up on the side (that makes me laugh)