I’m Lazy

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I stole this from Jill Monroe–now I need to get cleaned up before the ex gets here to pick up the kids (can you say 5 PM and in your PJ’s boys and girls?)

Yeah I seriously need to blog but I’ve got one chapter to edit that’s an almost total rewrite so bear with me. Instead I’ll point you to some gems.

Lyn Cash
Caroline Clemmons
Morgan Hawke

Until I’m done…later, taters! :lighterup:

Edited to add: You have GOT to go read this post at Daisy’s
I’m. Still. Laughing. πŸ˜†

2 thoughts on “I’m Lazy

  1. I had trouble trying to pull up your blog and RaineÒ€ℒs most of the day. πŸ™ Server problems maybe?

    In any case, I always enjoy the links you provide to fun blog stuff–except for the fact that checking out all those links takes waaaay too much time away from my writing! πŸ˜‰