If You Build It…

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will they come?

Go aske Raine:

f I write great sex, but never HAVE great sex, will it attract great sex to me?

Sadly, no. :crazy:

Lyn is waxing philosophically. Go check out her last two blog posts. They’re great food for thought. Not that Raine’s isn’t…… :memememe:

OH and Lost TOTALLY KICKED ASS last night! :woot: :memememe: :woot: :memememe:

Off to Mik’s to steal her smiley .

Over at the Lipstick Chronicles Susan tells us why the publishing world should be more like Mik’s favorite sport.

If we just treated publishing like the game it is and applied the battle-tested rules of ice hockey, we might all have less stress and angst.

And if you’re on AOL it keeps kicking my messages back (Raine…Hollie)….

6 thoughts on “If You Build It…

  1. Ah you always know the best places to go. πŸ™‚ I wonder, if Calgon takes me away, will it take me somewhere good like the places you find?

  2. Hmm sounds like something that needs researching *g* I’d definitely do a study. Go out and have great sex then compare it to the writing. Sounds like a plan to me.

  3. I’m so glad you stole my smilie! LOL I think life in general should be me like hockey. If I feel like boardchecking someone because they’re stupid, all I should get is 2 minutes in a box (maybe with a hot hockey boy). πŸ˜†

  4. Hey I’d take two minutes in the box wiht a hot hockey boy as long as he had all his teeth–or a great bridge!

    Jordan….Don’t we wish! 😳

    Sharon….Don’t we wish :memememe:

    If you write great sex, they should come.

    Danica there’s more where that came from :woot: