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I should be blogging. I’m a really bad blogger. I’ve been a lazy blogger and I have so much to blog about but I just can’t seem to find the time…….Work is crazy! Home is well…..home :wtf:

And I just need to buckle down and write. But first…..A Sale! Liquid Silver Books has contracted Once in a Blue Moon. I’ve got a ton of fun ideas to launch when it’s released–but getting them done is another matter.

Even strong-willed Texas diva’s have an Achilles heel and where Ty Boudreaux is concerned, Bad Betti Blanchard will break every rule she’s got. Can a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and Bluebonnet’s favorite son find common ground outside the bedroom? Despite the interfering in-laws, a jealous baby sister and a holiday no one wants to remember, Betti and Ty discover that even though their happily ever after doesn’t come easy, anything worth having is worth working for.

And I’ve started a new list. While The Shout Out is for news, For Play (pun intended) is exclusively for erotica stories I’ll post in serialized form starting next Friday, so sign up for your smut now. You know you want to. :woohoo:

It’s the 15th so we’ve got half a month to go in the September contest. To enter, all you have to do is sign up for the Shout Out over there on the left.

11 thoughts on “I know I knowwwwww

  1. Cece, your Once in a Blue Moon excerpt was simply flat-out spectacular! Loved your humor and insight, the story idea, and your wonderful way with words. As a writer of romantic comedy I’m VERY picky when it comes to the subgenre, so trust me when I tell you that your story rocks! :woot:

    Having said that, it’s no surprise to me that some savvy editor snapped this right up. They’d be crazy not to! Mega congrats on your new book contract! Wishing you LOTS of sales, GREAT reviews and nice FAT royalty checks! 😀

    Now I’m dragging myself away from blogging–albeit kicking, screaming and clawing–so I can finish proofing and editing the manuscript I FINALLY finished a couple of days ago (the one with the woman who has sex while she’s in a man’s body). It’s the first book in a series that’s (get ready) an erotic contemporary romantic comedy paranormal Rubenesque fantasy. LOL How’s that for a mouthful? 😯

  2. Thanks everyone!!!!! :memememe:

    I’m stoked, and Daisy I can’t wait to read your current in progress, so hurry up and finish–it sounds hysterical! Girl your sub-genre titling is a hoot–much more a mouthful than erotic western chick lit style romance. 😎