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  1. I do. But like with the documentaries, I plan to watch it at home where I can be emotional all over the place. I’ve heard that its very tastefully done, that a lot of research involving the victims relatives, etc. was used. As a historian (yes, that was my major remember) I am interested in seeing it. But I can understand other people reactions and hesitancy about it. I think of it as a catharsis.

  2. One of my sons builds the movies (working his way through college) and has to screen them after hours to make sure they are working properly so he had to screen it the other night.

    He said, “Mom, when it was over, I was there alone in the dark crying like a girl. Those people were heroes.”

    A 24 year old bawled at that movie.

    I am not sure if I will see it on screen or wait until it is out on video.

  3. 😥 I’ll probably wait for the DVD. I didn’t even deal with the OKC Bombing until 9/11, like 6 yrs afterwards..just too close to home. But by all accounts it looks as though it’s been well-done and that it’s about the people, not the shock value. I’m just worried about its impact on me at this point. Maybe I haven’t completely dealt with what happened here after all. Dunno. Just not willing to find out yet.

    This may be one of those movies that I tell myself I need to see for whatever reasons, and that I’ll only see once. And it may be one I have to watch in increments. Don’t want to spend the $ and time if I’m going to have to get up and leave at any point, if that makes sense. Can always pause the DVD – lol. I just worry that images from the bombing will crash in on me. Some of them never leave. Just seeing a baby’s shoe or a scrap of torn clothing, a child’s drawing, or a body part in a cheesy horror flick can trigger an emotional response that I thought was long gone. Even a rainy day like today will bring it back.

    Anyway, good blog. Something to think about.

  4. I can’t seem to care how well (tastefully) it was done. It’s still way to real in my mind and too new. And to be really frank, there’s something about it that smacks of bad taste.