I Feel Bad About My Dan Brown

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In case you haven’t heard, in September Dan Brown’s latest book will be released.  FINALLY.

There are, I’m sure, great expectations of success….as well as failure. (and has it really been five years? Lynn M says yes so that’s what I’m going with).

Anyway….I feel bad for Dan Brown.  I know, you probably think I”m nuts for feeling bad for an author who’s achieved such success, but bear with me (and I”m working from memory here…).  He published a couple of books–like what? three? — then followed his editor to a new house with DaVinci Code and published it to all kinds of drama and controversy (yes Catholics I’m looking at U), and Tom Hanks and a pretty darn good movie. We had hardcover, paperback, movie tie-in cover etc etc etc.

Then…he had to go write another book.  How the hell do you follow up on something as huge as The DaVinci Code? I’m sure Mr. Brown was thinking the same thing.  And that’s probably why it took five years for the sequel.  Bless his heart.  For all his success, I’m not sure I’d trade places with him.

Publishing is a funny business–like we didn’t already know that. Optimally, you start a trend rather than join it and Dan Brown did just that–TDC spawned a ton of copycat (and i use that term loosely) books.  But the odds of being the writer who STARTS a trend are … almost inconceivable. I don’t think it’s something writers or even publishers can plan–it just HAPPENS because they can get behind a book and spend hundreds of thousands on publicity and STILL end up with a book that garners only mediocre success. Or worse, tanks.

The pendulum could have just as easily swung the other way for The DaVinci code.  Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “I Feel Bad About My Dan Brown

  1. Did you see the video from the author of Eat, Pray, Love about following up a big hit? Good stuff. I think no matter what, you always have to focus on the current work and just do the best you can.

  2. Charli that’s true but I think “focusing on the current work” Is often times easier said than done (LOL I KNOW you know that 😉 )

  3. It’s probably a miracle that it only took 5 years to get written, what with all the distractions…court, movie premiers, etc. (lol)

    I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes either. His first three books went relatively unnoticed until TDC got attention. Then all the others had sales going through the roof. TDC may have started his “superstar-dom” but his first three weren’t slouch books either. Problem is that now he has to live up to the success of TDC or people will start saying he’s lost his “touch.”

    I would hate all the comparisons or possible criticism that it doesn’t live up to his other work, etc.

    As I’ve told Amie, I’m so ready to read it!!!!