I cleaned Shell!

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No i didn’t clean Shell.  I cleaned, Shell!  It was just the living room but this is HUGE!  Now let’s see how long it lasts. Tomorrow, it’s the kitchen.
Went to see the nutritionist today and I’ve lost six pounds–over Christmas even!

Keep in mind I didn’t lose a pound on the S. Beach diet and gave up after two months even though I felt better.  It’s real frustrating to put that much work into something and not see any payoff.  This month’s goal is to start walking and quit smoking (I promised myself after I finsihed NAILED that I’d quit).

Things that make my life easier:

Bagged Salad (turn the bag over and check the bottom to make sure it’s not icky)
Chopping veggies when I get home from the store.

Gladware bowls

Bagged shredded mozerella cheese

Frozen fruit, my smoothie maker and apples.  I can’t live without apples.

Now it’s your turn.  Share your favorite health tip.

11 thoughts on “I cleaned Shell!

  1. Individuallly wrapped things. Boxes of raisins (I hate raisins, but for a small box, ok), those neato-o containers of tuna and salmon ready to go, and snack-sized baby carrot bags. And CHEESE. Cheese works for me.

  2. Don’t eat anything after six at night. I have to disagree with Jordan, anything you prepare well will taste too good not to go overboard on. It will be just one more thing you have to waste will power on. 🙂

  3. “Favorite health tip?” Isn’t that an oxymoron? I like fatty foods, desserts (cakes, cookies, and pies being #1), cheese, coffee … the list could go on. But I am oh so proud of YOU. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Don’t walk alone in dark alleys. And for God’s sakes, if you’re in an old abandoned insane asylum and your friends are being slashed to pieces, don’t wander off alone. I guarantee it won’t be good for your health.

  5. Water. Lots of it. I know it’s the cliche. But at some point you stop thinking of it as bland, and start thinking of it as refreshing. You start to crave it. Juices, pop, etc (ie, beverages with a lot of sugars/caffeine/additives) become less appealing. Water= 0 calories. And, to a degree it does fill you up. A lot of times people *think* their hungry (or got the munchies) when all they are is thirsty.

  6. Jordan you are SO write–er right!

    Marty I’ve actually started buying those smaller snack size bags for the kid’s snacks. They’re a bit pricey but portion control is so important!

  7. Linda I can’t eat oatmeal 😥 too much gluten

    Bernard…with our hectic schedules that doesn’t work for us, but the nutritionist says no eating 2 hours before bedtime. I need that extra hour on basketball practice nights 😉

  8. Rachelle I’m a little jealous LOL


    Bailey! Where’s Raine’s ROTFL smiley when I need it? 😆

    Jaq very true! And hot water with lemon first thing in the morning can help detox your liver. I’ve had to completely give up sugar and it’s true you really do lose the taste for it. I’m even using less sugar substitute