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Sharks smarks….bring on the wolves!

Sorry I had to do it.

What’s next….truck tits?

Sylvia’s guest blogger posted about well-meaning family members who think we should write real books. This is something we all do or will face. It’s a given. Either family or a good friend will open their big mouth.

I made the decission when I sold to Black Lace I wasn’t going to keep quiet. But I wasn’t going to sing it from the roof-tops either. If someone asks, if the opertunity is there, fine I’ll tell them, but otherwise, it’s no one’s business. I did tell my dad and step-mom (by email 🙄 ) and got a phone call. They were just happy I’d sold something, and while they’re religious they’re not Nazi’s about it. I even sent them the cover 😀 . But I know someone in my family, will at some point, say SOMETHING. And I’m ready.

Are you? What do you say? How will or have you handled it?

My take is: Writing is hard work, no matter what genre you choose to write in, and it deserves a certain amout of respect even if you don’t agree with what I write. So if you can’t say something nice STFU.

Okay I wont say STFU to my relatives, how’s that? LOL

10 thoughts on “Huh

  1. LOL–I blogged about trucknuts not too long ago after my mom spotted some on a pickup. People are so weird! 🙄

    And wolves are SO much better than sharks. *g*

    Love your take on writing what you write. I’m going to have to remember that.

  2. I still haven’t figured out how to reply, but it does really bother me. It would be better for them not to say anything. I hate that whole, “Why don’t you write real books?”

  3. I’m a bit older than most of you ladies,and pretty much at the ‘damn what anybody thinks’ stage.
    My reply to ‘why don’t you write real books?’ would be ‘dunno–why don’t you show real support?’
    I hope to publish a variety of things, INCLUDING erotica. I don’t force my ‘morality’ on others, & won’t allow them to do it to me. Probably wouldn’t even mention it to my family because they wouldn’t care (unless they were getting a percentage 😉 }. But either way–it’s my work, my passion, my business. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. :kiss:)

  4. I love your answer Dream….and I don’t think you’re that much older than me…and I have the same attitude. I think that’s maybe why my family doesn’t give me a hard time. The only time my Dad ever made a comment about what I write was when I sold my very first story to Penthouse. his words; “That’s sort of a risque magazine for a young lady to write for, isn’t it?” 😆

    Then, after he realized that I also wrote erotica as well as the travel stories he assumed was ALL I wrote, he never said anything again. But not in a negative way. As he see’s it, I’m doing something I want to do, and I’m making money at it. They (my family) asks me how my writign ‘s going, and they cheer when I sell, but they never bad mouth it, even in the guise of gentle guidance. I guess I’m pretty lucky. 😀

  5. Those bumper nuts are soooo tacky! lol.

    Sasha, my family/friends have the same attitude as yours, more or less. Although they do ask how my writing goings, and about responses on submissions, etc., but I’ve never gotten (to my face) a negative reaction. Everyone thinks it’s kinda cool that I ‘wrote a whole book’ lol, and submitting to agents/publishing houses.

  6. I’ve written quite a few romances now, and my mother STILL asks when I’m going to write a “real” book.

  7. Wow, Jill, that’s really sad after all your books your mom still says that! Does she read your books?

    I’m lucky that my dh is very supportive. And the rest of them? I just don’t care! 😛

  8. Sorry ladies I’ve been MIA….Dream I love your answer too. Nice to see, for the most part, most of us don’t get flack. 😆
    Jill *sigh* if it’s any consolation, my mom’s probably rolling over in her grave 😆