Got Sex?

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Silver Expressions … or better known as SEx … Is your way to get up close and personal with Liquid Silver’s hottest authors.

Updated with new posts from a different author every day, SEx gives you, the reader, an opportunity to interact with your favorite Liquid Silver author and even find a new one to add to your must read list.

Each Monday we’ll have a guest SEx’er and we’re so excited about this, we’re debuting with a

The ever hysterical, impeccably beautiful, and forever charming Dakota Cassidy is our first guest!

Join us November 7th for the debut of SEx and it’s CONTEST!

What do you have to do to win?

Stop in at SEx and say Hi!
Post a reply to Dakota’s musings!
Easy enough right?

We’ve got 4 great prizes so they’ll be 4 lucky winners!
Check back on the 8th to see who’s won!

Dakota’s prize: one book of author’s choice from her website.
Liquid Silver prize: two winners will be able to chose a book from Liquid Silver’s immense collection of erotica romance.
PR Liaison prize: $10 gift certificate to Starbucks
(or either Borders or B&N if you don’t have a Starbucks near you)

4 thoughts on “Got Sex?

  1. Dennie it does look good!!! I need to go over there and comment but like my friend, Sharon there, I’m dog-ass sick :hushup:

    (((Sharon)))) I know. I got it too. I made hte kid go to school but told him to call if he felt bad. I”m going home in three hours. I just came into work to keep from getting behind. My co-worker might get pissed but the boss said GO HOME LOL Her whole family has it. Get well doll!

  2. The new LSB blog looks great! I think it’s a super way for the LSB authors to connect with their readers. 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling sick, Cece (you, too, Sharon) 🙁 and hope you’re over the bug soon. Take care!