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It’s like really really dusty in here! *sneezes* REALLY DUSTY! Yes, once again, I’ve totally fallen down on my blog duties but here I am to dutifully tell you that I’m blogging at SFC today about writing, the green eyed monster and steampunk.

While I haven’t technically been — technically HELL — I haven’t been writing at all. And I accepted Kait Nolan’s writing challenge which started Friday and which I’ve done not a damn thing about. I keep thinking about all those pages I need to “make up” and I feel all squirley. What can I say? I have poor impulse control.

Saturday was choir choir choir–#2 son’s choir teacher wants him to try out for All City and All Region and so he went to part of a clinic they give to help prep the kids. THEN I had to rush him to the HS for the school’s cluster concert which was super-cool. They get all the elementary choir kids (from schools that feed to the hs), the choir kids from both jr. highs (that feed to the hs) and then the HS choir together. The elementary kids sang, then the jr. high and hs kids (girls then boys) and then the hs kids sing–but this year a former student returned and sang for us too. He’s currently in college and being wooed by opera companies all over the world. Cool huh? I mean you don’t really think about your kid becoming an opera star — and i won’t even pretend to get opera but it was still cool. And those high school singers are JUST AMAZING!
#1 son said he had a blast but we were both exhausted!

Speaking of poor impulse control….I ordered books last week. It’s all Twitter’s fault.
Picked up ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS (JT ELLISON), CRASHED (WASSERMAN), LIAR (LARBALESTIER), & THE FACE OF DEATH (MCFAYDEN). Also pre-ordered: SOULLESS (CARRIGER), SKINGAME (AGUIRRE) AND FIRE (CASHORE). And if that weren’t bad enough, my grocery store had re-stocked since my last visit. I got the last copy of SHADOWFIRE (VIEHL), CHOSEN BY DESIRE (PERRY), and THE FURY (PINTER).

I also picked up and finished Heather Gudenkauf’s THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE last week during the football game. It was … interesting. Good. Solid. Interesting. Also, obviously, hard to describe LOL While I do like some lit-fic, it wasn’t quite my usual fare and I’m not sure why. Honestly, I think it was the writing–the story was done in 1st person present tense from 3-4 POV’s and then 1st past or 3rd past from the last/main POV and while I’m usually very flexible about stuff like the POV(s) a book is written in, this time it just didn’t sit well with me. *sigh*

Anyway…what are you buying? What are you reading? What’s going on in your world? I kinda feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth a little!

8 thoughts on “Geez!

  1. All Region choir is fun. πŸ™‚

    And that POV-shifting book would’ve driven me INSANE. No way I could’ve read it. :diebastard:

    I broke down and went to Borders last Friday. I bought the new JR Ward (shut up…I’m weak), the new Ilona Andrews, and the latest Christine Warren re-print. I just got a crapload of manuscripts dumped in my inbox over the weekend, so I have no idea when I’ll actually get to read the books I bought, but at least they look pretty on my coffee table. :popcorn:

  2. Jen I think what REALLY bugged me after talking to someone who just finished said book is that even though the book had a “happy ending” and was well written, it was not a happy book. Even the happy ending wasn’t REALLY happy. *sigh* I love lit-fic but i want something uplifting not the oposite.

    You bought WArd? *shaking head*

  3. I did. I couldn’t help it. But now I hate myself a little more every time I look at the book, if that makes you feel any better. :badgirl:

    The Christine Warren is soooooo good. Her books are like candy. No lit fic here. :bounce:

  4. Oh, books. There are so many I need! I’m also deep into writing right now, getting stuff out the door. I have 1 more novel and 2 novellas to turn in before the end of the year, so I’m kind of out of the “real world” myself. Except for kid stuff, school stuff, the usual. πŸ™„

  5. I NEVER SAID Get rid of it! My GAWD the Ward-fangirls are going to shank me and it will be all your fault jen!!

  6. Charli…I LOVE being out of the real world stuff–though I think you mean real = online? Not real = kids/school/hubby πŸ˜€ I’d rather read/write/watch tv than tweet/blog etc. Lately havent had time for much of any of that. Hu anyway…. How ARE teh girls doing? Adjusting to new school okay?

  7. The new school is working out very, very well. There’s been a whole lot of coordinating and discussion and an IEP is in the works which is going to help even more, but I can’t believe how much the school’s done to work with my ASD kid. She’s thriving, I’m so relieved I could faint, and the littlest has adjusted, more or less, to being sib-free most of the day. The first month of school’s been very eventful.