Garage Update

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I wish I’d taken a pic–it’s so clean! I’m so happy! I’m so grubby! Ew

but anywayyy guess what I found in the garage. A little karmic payback for cleaning out the closet. See I had this bag of clothes I put out there two years ago to give to charity *cough* but never got around to it *cough* and I decided since they had been sitting out there so long I’d WASH them and LO AND BEHOLD what did I find?

Not one but TWO pair of brand new with tags jeans I’d put out there because I’d had them for two years and never been able to fit into them.

I washed them so keep your fingers crossed.

Last night small children went to the park to play football so I got my writing done without a trip to Starbucks!

I was tagged by Mik so here goes. Things that make me shudder: DIRTY BATHROOMS (hear me not-so-small children of mine), ROACHES, EX’s, CLINGY CO-DEPENDENT PEOPLE, HOLIDAYS (especially stupid ones like oh HALLOWEEN) and THE THREAT OF WRITER’S BLOCK.

I’ll tag anyone who wants to play.

17 thoughts on “Garage Update

  1. Hi Amie!!!
    We have no garage thank goodness! We do have a big attic tho and hubby has been slowly doing that one. I know I got rid of alot of clothes that I put up there as winter clothes and forgot, :mybad: but got rid of them donating to Goodwill. So I did my part and the rest is my hubby’s to do.

    Isn’t it something else how clothes come back in style after time! Too so great to find your blog. :kisses: I missed your recent Aphr. book so was looking to read some excerpts so will go to visit your site. Glad to stop by. I have no idea what tags are! I am so not techy!

  2. SWEET on the jeans! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I have a bag of clothes I set aside until I get back into. It’ll happen. And I’ll play tag. :leo:

  3. CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!! *tacklehugs* How are you?! It’s so good to see you again. I’m glad you found me! I swear sometimes clutter (and clothes) are like dustbunnies, they multiply faster than we can weed out!

  4. ::fingers crossed for the jeans::

    Hmm… Dirty Kitchens and Dirty Bathrooms, Roaches and Centipedes (I’d never seen a centipeded before moving into the present house. ugh.) Passive Aggressive and Manupulative, Whiney, Insecure Attention hoggers and Liars. (although this list of characteristics more pisses me off, than makes me shudder.) Bad breath and B.O. (particularly if it’ a hygiene issue that I’m trapped beside on a crowded bus/train). lol.

  5. I concur with your list, Cece. I’ll add flies and ants to the bug part. And I totally cannot abide a nasty kitchen. I just can’t. I mean, you’ve got to eat in it for God’s sake.

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  7. Things that make me shudder: Stupid people, frogs, pee on the toilet seat, pee on the floor by the toilet seat, people who drive slow in the fast lane, those idiots that see a lane is closed and wait to get over till the end then try to cut in and those bitches like me that will not let you in….:woot:

  8. we were screaming, “LOOK UP CLAIRE!” OMG and the TOE! and the Haitian!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeee :woot::woot: