Fried Chicken

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This week I’m going to be discussing all the ways you can fry chicken.  Let’s start with the basics.

Go out back and get a chicken.  Chop it’s head off, drain the blood and pluck it.

Once you’ve done that, come back and I’ll tell you what’s next (May)

20 thoughts on “Fried Chicken

  1. I already bought and prepared the chicken.

    This is what it looks like now–I would snap with the camera, but my dad took it with him to Vienna.

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do that. You forgot the part where the headless chicken takes off and you have to catch it. :fly:

  3. Jordan our chickens don’t do that 😆 THey just drop dead like a good little dinner.

    Marie…May gitcha some flour and lard. Lots o lard and an irun skillit if you have one. Best fried shicken in the world comes from using an irun skillit

  4. ABSOLUTELY on the irun skillit. :memememe:

    And it don’t hurt if that thar lard’s been used fer somethin’ afore…like mebbe baycun. 😀

  5. Why thanks Amie – that’s some kind of entertainment, watching the husband chase chickens in the neighbor’s yard. Now who can i con into plucking it?

  6. I’ve the lard. For making pies actually, but I can sacrifice it for fried chicken.

    I always have flour, usually more than one kind. I’ve cake flour, pastry flour and bread flour, not to mention rice and glutinous rice and tapioca. Which one should I use?

    No cast iron, I’m afraid. Stainless do? And no skillet, just a wok.

  7. Scooper almost seven weeks with no Heros! 😥 WTF is that shit? And Prison Break? Which BTW was da bomb!

    Okay ya’ll…next ya need sum buttermilk. If’n ya don’t have none, jest add some viniger to some milk and it’ll butter it right up. Cut yer shicken up and soak it in the buttermilk.

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  9. Now, while Rhian’s got her husband chasin’ chickin’s which ain’t to be confuzed with chokin’ chickens, the rest a’ya’ll git out a big bowl.

    Dump yer flar in the bowl. Salt and pepper to taste. I also recommend kewmin fer some extry kick and maybe a tablespoon or so of chili peppers to warm yer innards. Mix it all real goodlike and then fill your skillit, or in May’s case yer wok, with lard and heat it up.

    HOllar when yer ready fer thu next step. :heythere:

  10. Amie – You planning to dunk them soakin chikin parts in the flour, then back in the soakin solution, and then back in the flour? It makes for some mighty fine crust! :wth:

    Oh, make sure that lard in the irun skillit is hot enough, but not too hot – ya’ll will burn it fer shur! and it’ll be raw in the middle (yuk) :bleep:

    This is too much fun.

    Visit mah site agin real soon, now Amie. Ya hear? 🙂

  11. Lynn is abserlutely raht!

    Ya (ya did cut up yer shicken didn’tcha? Or did I fergit to tell ya’ll that?). Ya take her shicken from the buttermilk and cover it with flar, then back in the buttermilk and then the flar again. Yer lard should be nice and hot but not too hot, cuz like Lynn says, ya’ll’ll end up with crispy outsides and sum raw insides. Keep your heat to midlin.

    Drop your shickens in the hot lard and watch it bubble.
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm dayum that’s gonna be some good eatin’!
    COver your shicken’n let it cook up fer abat ten minutes. Then flip it. If it’s gettin’ too brawn, turn yer heat dawn. Keep flippin’ ever 10 minutes fer a’least 30 minutes. Prob’ly a mite longer if’n yr shicken’s got bones. Which, if you followed muh first instruction, it prob’ly does.

  12. Ha! THis is so great! i may just have to make some fried chicken myself (I’m such a Yankee that I don’t think I could even type with a Southern accent).

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