Feels Like Work

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Blogging that is. So I’m officially taking the summer off from my blogging duties. I’ll be checking in and still reading blogs and occasionally posting here (and working up an idea for PBW’s Left Behind workshops in July), but again, it feels like work right now, and the kids are out of school and I need all the brain cells I can get.

What are your plans for the summer? Going anywhere cool?

5 thoughts on “Feels Like Work

  1. Then go and enjoy your summer. 🙂 Now you have me thinking what it would mean to take off for the summer from blogging. Hmm…

    No plans here other than writing and editing. Yes, I know it’s exciting. *g* Won’t be going anywhere other than Nationals until the fall/winter.

  2. I don’t blog regularly anyway, so that isn’t a huge time commitment for me.

    Otherwise, no major plans. Just taking the boy to summer school Mon-Thur through the 26th, taking him to Choir camp for 3 days in July. Maybe the boy and I will take a trip to Diamond State Park in Arkansas with my dad…

    Oh, and writing. Promise!

  3. What? Blog break? *gasp* Enjoy your summer. Not going anywhere except in my imagination. I need to do location stuff for the next St. Martin’s book, and my novella is set in Vegas so it’s *like* travel but without the hassle. I want to get some serious writing done so I can go into fall ahead, and take the holidays off. YES. This year, it will happen!

  4. I have to buy a doggie door–but have to wait for DH to get back home ’cause I can’t insatall it–then we’ll be off to parts unknown… (or at least parts with a pool!)

  5. Charli good luck!!! I’m ready to take the summer off and work on proposals and shorts (soon as I finish this book).

    Jordan…happy writing. I’d LOVE to hit a conference but more importantly, I want to get as much debt paid off this year as possible.

    Lynn you better write!!!!

    Denise…you should bring the boys over one day and we’ll hit the Y