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So over at SFC Denise mentioned she forgot to blog (which is no biggie–God knows I’ve done it enough times) and had nothing to blog about…she’s pretty swamped with conferences and being an officer in two chapters, our book signing this weekend and Rita books and …….and……..and…….

I got to thinking. The beauty of being under contract is that, as much stalling as you might do, the bottom line falls to you (as it does in many other aspects of this business). You are responsible for turning that book in on time (or not). Don’t get me wrong–I can also attest to the fact that sh*t totally happens but…….when’s the last time you finished a WIP? What’s your productivity level at? And excuses don’t count except for death.

In the interest of full disclosure I wrote Thursday night, Friday and Monday on two different projects.

13 thoughts on “Excuses…….excuses

  1. The sad thing is . . . there are times when I am just sitting. My butt on the sofa cahnnel surfing knowing I should be writing but I can’t make myself get up and do it. Some is because there are times you need decompression, but sometimes you (meaning me!!!) are just being damn lazy!

  2. Sometimes I just want to be lazy too (I usually save it for the weekends).

    You know yesterday was the worst Monday in a long time and I still managed to go home, decompress and write five pages while I watched TV.

  3. Bragger!

    Nope. Haven’t written a thing in about 2 weeks, maybe 3. I’m bad. What I really wish is that my eldest would quit throwing curve balls at me.

  4. I finished a WIP in 1999 – then I started taking care of my parents, they died, I was diagnosed as being bipolar, had problems adjusting to meds, got pretty much evicted, am moving, cleaning, etc. I am going to get back to writing as soon as I get settled again. Honest.

  5. Lynn I htink you’re going to have to learn to write around her….try to use writing as an escape….I can’t do it so I’m NOT trying to telll you what to do. Some folks can write for escape but for me, if the real world is sucking me dry, I can’t write. It just makes me braindead.

    That’s why this year’s goal is balance….

  6. This is a conversation my CP and I have often. She’s all about spreadsheets and stuff (I’m not — I have a list on my board and I handwrite in my word count for the day). I write daily. Unless I’m editing/revising per the Editor Goddess. My productivity is different since I sold — it’s not longer write if I feel like it — it’s become a JDI situation like teaching and grad school. (JDI- Just Do It.)

    No excuses.


    Works in my classroom. Works when I’m BICHOKing.

    Granted, I do allow myself time to recharge. I’ve been doing 17 hour days during January, and then I caught a cold. Once I made my deadline last week, I’ve let myself go to bed at 10:00 two nights in a row instead of 12:00.

    Tomorrow . . . it’s back to cracking the whip. πŸ˜‰

    Hey, Ames — guess what I got in the mail today? A lovely, shiny copy of Built!

  7. Linda JDI is right! I have to since I’ve got so much I want to get done this year! And yeah, okay sickness is an excuse too πŸ˜€

  8. I actually finished my very first novel in Oct of last year. Note I haven’t gone back and done revisions. Mostly because I ran out of plot half way through the story and pantsed the other half. This current WIP is going well. I’ve got quite a bit written during my rewrite for the Fast Draft. I can’t wait to get back and get your new novels.

  9. Okay, I confess. I’m Linda’s CP with the spreadsheets. LOL! I love tracking my productivity, trying to outdo last year’s total, etc. Linda’s always telling me to JDI when I’m stuck on something, but honestly, after I puzzle out the problem in my head I can usually catch up. If I just keep pushing it, I usually end up deleting what I wrote anyway or most of it. If I’m under the gun – I write better and faster. I know. I’m weird. But somehow Linda and I make it work as CP’s – going on 5 yrs now. πŸ˜€

  10. Carol even though I think I’ve really slowed down quite a bit, writing at a slow but steady pace seems to negate huge plot problems. I think, because they tend to work themselves out in the subconscious. My goal right now is to work my way up to definitely cranking out 25 pages a week. For some reason I can write during Prison Break and Terminator but not the Biggest Loser or AI! Monday, Tuesday and Friday are the only nights I’m home to watch TV and there’s nothing on on Friday anymore….the rest of hte time I DVR and catch up on the weekends so TV isn’t a huge deal. I’m going to lose one writing night working out at the gym but it’s worth it in the long run

  11. Yeah, love my TIVO. I can go for a week or two, then sit for 6 hrs and catch up. Well, ‘cept for AI. I usually start watching it about halfway through. Still get to FF thru the yucky commercials for drugs and vehicles.

    Oh, and you asked a question in your post…
    I finished my last WIP in November. I wrote a 16K story. Now I’m back to editing the WIP, or will be after I finish these requested revisions. I wouldn’t mind if it resulted in a sale and totally screwed up my goals and plans for the year. πŸ˜‰