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So I was talking to my good friend Ysa on twitter–she’s currently on the hunt for a beta reader and/or critique partner. Now back in the day…WAY back (cuz I’m old and decrepit), there was a thread on eharlequin.com. That’s how I found mine. I even started a critique group. It still exists over on Yahoo Groups but no one’s posted anything in ages. Matter of fact, two of those authors went on to be bestsellers.

Anyway…It got me to thinking that…WE NEED A TWITTER HASHTAG!!!
So here it is #CPWL aka Critique Partner Wish List.
Use the hashtag. Post what you’re looking for, word count, genre.

Here’s an example:
Looking 4 Beta Readers 4 YA Romance, 75k words. #CPWL

Or this:

Looking for Crit Partners who write YA Dystopian. Prefer experienced writers. #CPWL

Or this:

Looking for Beta Readers who enjoy erotic romance and read fast. #CPWL

It’ll be like Tinder for writers…or #MSWL for writers 😀

So go forth and hashtag people!!! Find one another, make connections, and edit like the wind!!! I’ll be monitoring the hashtag and helping out when I can.

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