Confession My Damn Sins

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Well after reading Shannon’s blog post about sex and erotica and religion and stuff and then skipping over to Helen’s totally unrelated rebuttal (?) on profanity I got to thinking.

Uh oh 😕

And then I thought some more. About my characters who cuss and have great sex (but they always take their work boots off at the door 😉 ) A long time ago, Teresa posted about how Sherilyn Kenyon said a series needed three rules to tie them together. One of mine is, no cussing in front of the ladies :kiss: )

I suppose, if you knew my grandfather (he refered to himself as the original Dirty Old Man), it’s no surprise I write S E X. I suppose it’s a good thing my dad is the son of the Original Dirty Old Man, because he never batted an eye when he found out my “first sale” had sex in it.

It’s Erotica 😕 It’s supposed to have sex in it. Now if sex with strangers in the middle of nowhere or masturbation offend you, then obviously Summer’s Seduction is not for you.

So it’s really no wonder I cuss. I like to cuss. There’s nothing better than a nice loud SON OF A BITCH when I stub my toe or step in cat puke. Or MOVE GODDAMNIT when I wake up with a mouthful of …I’ll be nice…cat fur because Ham has wrapped himself around my head in the middle of the night.

I could probably make a sailor blush, but my children know that swearing is a choice adults make and they’re not allowed 😛 .

And if i cuss it stands to reason that my characters cuss. Especially the men. Now, not all men cuss but the men in my family do. I know, I’ve spent time with my brother—he cusses and I could give him a run for his money–I promise. But we never cussed in front of Mom. When she died, about the only thing I could get away with was shit, damn, and hell–I was 31. I had too much respect to use the all-encompasing FUCK in front of Mom, though that never stopped her from using it on occasion. That’s right, Mom cussed too.

And Dirty Old Men and Chicks Who Swear Like Sailors need love too.


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