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Meljean and Jordan posted about commercials this week. Frankly that Brawny commercial makes me cringe.

But Meljean asked a question that I think I have the answer to.

Where does humor go from funny to stupid to too-dumb-to-believe?

Two Words–BURGER KING. Have you SEEN those commercials? Where the “KING” hands the guy a breakfast sandwitch? WHAT is UP with that SERIAL KILLER MASK?? It’s just GROSS! Or the one where the guy is singing and blonde bimbos are thicker than the meat patties? EWWWWW Tell me THAT ONE isn’t marketing to men and I’ll probably call you a liar!

On the monkey thing, has anyone see the Budweiser commercial? OMG I was howling. Guy is at zoo with another guy and girl. Guy teases monkey with banana, turns to friends and laughs. Girl rolls eyes. Guy turns back around and Monkey is now teasing Guy with bottle of Bud. He waves it back and forth and the Guy is bobbing and weaving like a Bumble Bee. Then he jerks it back. Guy lunges—straight into cage’s bars. I nearly peed myself.

BTW I like the Gecko :kiss: )

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