Chaos and Nonsense

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It’s supposed to be QUIET when the boss is gone! Not chaos. I have a knot in my stomach. I’m about ready to commit murder–instead I’m leaving early to attend my son’s award’s ceremony.

I’ll leave you with a poem from #2 (he whose ceremory I’m sneaking out to attend).

I like cats.
Cats. Cats. Cats.
Small cats,
Tall cats,
round, fat funny cats.
Really fat, lazy cats,
those are just a few.

Silly cats,
Mean cats,
dirty, messy, sloppy cats.
Nice, clean obedient cats,
bad cats, too.

Sweet cats,
sour cats,
don’t forget house cats,
last of all best of all,
I like my cats. :meow:

And this juice tidbit, found via Jerry Kindall’s blog: “Do-it-Yourself Liposuction”
Back Cover Reads: Attaches to any vacuum cleaner, order form enclosed, BONUS Section -Tips on starting your own liposuction clinic, no medical degree required.

Oh and pop by Raine’s for her ever-present words of wisdom.

15 thoughts on “Chaos and Nonsense

  1. :woot: It looks like #2 has inherited a bit of your writing talent as well! That is an ADORABLE poem! I’d love to post it on my MySpace…with permission, of course… :yippee:

  2. I have to agree ya’ll!

    Sasha I’m not either but he really surprised me! He says writing is his favorite class :woot:

  3. Awesome poem…now that’s something to leave work for! Now I’ll go check out my borther’s blog, lol!

  4. Your son’s cat poem is amazing, Cece. I didn’t expect a kid’s poem to be so cute and catchy, but it’s really wonderful! Seems to me your #2 son has a natural affinity for writing–just like his mom! 😀

    Congrats to him on his award, too!

    Have a great long weekend.