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What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas?

In my case it’s the kids. They know who the real Santa C is and have presented me with lists accordingly. It’s not so much that I mind that they know or anything like that (cuz the oldest is a real pill to buy for), it’s just that I absolutely can’t stand the thought of spending the money for a Nintendo DS only to have the oldest lose it or break it-like they BOTH did the last time I bought them gameboys.

I guess my point is it absolutely FRIES MY ASS to spend money on :hushup: they don’t take care of, so as much as I hate to disappoint them, I’m just not so inclined to give them what they want. And EVERYTHING they want is video game oriented. I don’t mind buying them new games for the Playstation and even getting them the nicer controllers they want but I just keep thinking what a freaking hastle it was last time we did gameboys–lets talk stealing mommy’s batteries (never mind that I bought them chargers they STILL stole my batteries-or each others- which was a constant headache).

On the flip side, they’re getting a computer (wait–it’s FREE–an 18 MO old Dell from a friend) and I think I’m gonna do wireless internet which means I have to invest in software to kidproof the computer (IN the living room) and a router. This will get them OFF my laptop which irritates me to no end.

So again, what are you getting your loved ones? :dead:

19 thoughts on “‘Cause I’m Nosy

  1. Trying to keep my kids away from video games for as long as I can get away with it, for that very reason you listed. I love games myself but I figure they’ll find them soon enough and then be addicted and want nothing more.

    So far I’ve gotten them Batman Gotham City and some kind of Rescue Heroes Micro Set. And they’re the only ones I’ve started shopping for. :doze:

  2. Lets see…well, Justin got a lift and wheels and tires for his truck last month, that was a $4200 Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday gift for him for the next five years, at least! LOL :zipit:

    As for me…I got two kittens…the foster ones that I was “trying to adopt out” seem to have adopted me. :meow: :hideme: So Christmas this year isn’t a big deal around our house.

    Tylar wants a boom box radio/cd player, a motorcycle, Greenday CD, and Xbox 360 w/ Halo 3 or something…um, yeah, we’re getting the radio and Greeday cd! :uzi: After the lift, no f-ing way can we afford the motorcylce…and we just bought him the Xbox he has two Christmas’ ago and he only comes over once or twice a month, so it’s like BRAND NEW! :dead:

  3. I LOVE wireless networks. I’ve had one for years and don’t know what I ever did without it.

    As for Christmas, we bought the new xbox 360 πŸ™‚

  4. Kel five years? More like TEN! :wtf:

    Amy keep them away from the video games AND the freakin’ TV :dead:

    Tess what’s R30? Nail guns sound fun. I want one of those laser levelers–it’s all about the tools baby.

    Sharon I actually had one child willing to forfeit it ALL for a 360–unfortunately for him his brother said HAYULL NO :dork:

  5. My oldest love the Yankees (just to piss off his dad 😎 ) so i got him a NY tee w/ his name on the back. The next in line LOVES Peyton Manning from the colts so I got him a PM jersey – they will freak. :yell: :woot: :yell: :woot:

    The two little ones are easy – they love whatever they get!

    Alas, their lists are ALL vidoe games, too, so they will get the junk I buy instead. (We have 4 game boys – Game Stop sells them real cheap – got the 4yo one for his b-day only $19 – not too bad)

  6. My hubby will get SomCom3 and probably a gun. Yeah to shoot bambi. The future bambi killers in training are getting BB guns, radios, CDS, games, and I’m not sure what else. I don’t want them to get a bunch of crap they won’t take care of either. Mom is down tonight, lost her first patient. Nothing like giving CPR and just hearing your breath fill empty lungs…:oops:

  7. My youngest son gave me his Christmas list via power point presentation this year. He just learned the program in college this semester so wanted to show me I was getting my tuition money’s worth. :yell:

    My next to youngest son wants what he asks for EVERY year. Movie DVD’s! Two Christmas list pages worth. (He’s the one that wants to be a movie director) :artist:

  8. Gift cards. Lots of them. Especially for my mother-in-law who told me she couldn’t really use a couple things DH and I got her for her birthday and that we’ll just have to think real hard about our next gift to her this coming Christmas.


    I kid you not.


  9. We’re going light on presents this year…but we’ll spoil our son. He mostly wants video games, which is a win-win situation; he’s happy, and we’re happy he’s busy! :woot:

  10. Sweetie Boy has asked for a green and yellow tractor – to ride on. So that’s his BIG gift from Santa (he’s only 4 so.. you know…). He’s also getting a bunch of miscellaneous small crap. Husband is getting a PDA/GPS and that’s IT. I’m still reeling from the sticker shock on that one. :yell:
    As for anyone else – I have NO idea.

  11. Tess figured out what R 30 was. I’m so embarrassed 😳

    Dennie those jerseys are gonna be great! WE did that last year! Video Games-PAH! I spit on video games. Bane of my existence. I just grounded #1 from them for three weeks *ahem* Anyway…..I will not be guilted into buying #1 a DS :uzi:

  12. (((((((((HOL)))))))) On losing the patient. Tell him to save me some Bambi meat πŸ˜† Last year I got the boys “nice” CD players – they’re both gone. I’m just NOT gonna do it this year. At least they can’t tear up a basketball goal 😳

    Sandy at least your hard earned money isn’t going to waste! :memememe:

  13. Jordan……I like Tanya’s gift card suggestion! I think we’re skipping the adults this year but Dad’s birthday is in january so I’m getting him Mash Season 1 on DVD :kiss:

    Tanya…..in-laws are the pits! :uzi:

    Larissa maybe the secret to video games is ONE kid *sigh*

  14. Mik bless Sweetie Boy! He’s SO CUTE! As for sticker shock I hear the only cure is to spend the same amount on something completely frivolous for yourself :wasntme:

  15. LOL on the Power Point presentation! The boy is getting a guitar – used – and the dh….he wants The Jam boxed set, but it’s big money. We’ll see. The rest of the family – gift cards.