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I watched the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy this morning. In a word–it was CLEVER :pimpn:
In a way movies rarely are anymore. Or maybe I’m the only schitzoid who sees messages in the oddest places. :ohmy:

Kacey how do I watch so much TV and get any writing done? Ummmmm I dunno. I know the year I didn’t watch TV I got TONS of writing done, but since I’ve moved I’ve had to really work hard to write on demand, but some nights it’s an hour of TV, some nights two. I also get off early on Wednesday’s and barring errands (haircuts and grocery shopping), I tend to get a lot done then. I managed fifteen pages yesterday in about 3-4 hours and I get that much on Wednesday’s too. I’m shooting for fifteen today too which will put the new novella 35 pages (not bad for three days work). I take advantage of when I can write and go for quantity as well as quality. I KNOW the beginning of my novella sorta …well…sucks, but it’s not major which means I can fix it. :flirt:

Writerly things:
From Sela:

Tell yourself you’ll write as soon as you finish your blog post. Or as soon as the kids are out of your hair. Or as soon as the Muse is with you.
Let me tell you something. The bitch is on permanent vacation. Work around it.

Boy ain’t that the truth…..

And from Lin:

Dialogue tags get messy, because the reader has to wade through two or sometimes three gerunds or infinitives to get to the meat of what’s happening.

Dialogue and action tags together drive me up the freaking WALL!!!!!! Why? Nine times out of ten they’re just not necessary. My caveat being that tenth time. I don’t like short action tags between dialogue-it makes for bumpy reading. But that’s my personal beef.

And why you should write, even if you don’t think you’ve got what it takes, even if you doubt yourself, even while you know you got skills. From the comments section over at 007 and quoted with permission:

The problem with sure things is that they aren’t. It takes guts to bet big on something no one else is on. But when you hit, you really hit. And if you lose, you have the consolation that you aren’t a sucker. (It beats losing and knowing you are a sucker.)

From an agent or editor’s standpoint, I think the message is really clear. From a writer’s standpoint maybe not so clear. From the standpoint of the Texas Lottery? If you don’t play, you can’t win. It’s the difference between buying nothing or 1.00 scratch-off’s and buying a ticket that might net you millions. Then again it might not. But if you don’t play, you can’t win. And hell, what are you gonna do with all that free time anyway? Watch tv? :dead:

So keep writing. The more you write, the better you get.
Don’t be afraid of feedback. Don’t be so in love with your own words (to sorta quite Lin) you can’t change them, edit them, or worse yet, take criticism, because no one’s words are gold. Take criticism and learn from it –if it applies to you. Accept that you have weaknesses, because we all do, and work on them. Push yourself to do more, try harder and be better with every paragraph, every chapter, every completed manuscript. Dont’ strive for perfection, there’s no such thing, strive for BETTER.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 15 pages to write, groceries to buy and I guess I might try to clean up some. :yell:

9 thoughts on “Blah Blah and Writerly Things

  1. Great post, Cece. I especially like the second to last paragraph (the one that begins: “So keep writing.”). This advice is so important because we (writers) will never really achieve and maintain true success or status unless we continue to learn and grow. That means we have to accept the fact that we’re not perfect and there’s always room for improvement. 😉 Getting too complacent stunts creativity and makes for ho-hum manuscripts.

    I know that to stay sharp and focused, I need to be challenged–by healthy constructive criticism from crit partners and editors; by suggestions from readers; and by reviews (including the not so stellar reviews that usually make me cringe LOL). Most of all, I need to challenge myself to be better, stronger, more creative and more prolific.

    Thanks for such an insightful post, Cece!

  2. Wow – awesome post, babe!! Very inspiring and very true.

    And WTG on all those pages!!:woot::woot::woot:

    *says Steph who seriously spent the whole day cutting out excessively stupid dialogue tags from an old ms* What was I thinking?!:yell:

  3. Great post, and great procrastination devices in the ones I missed while I was gone. Yup, I think I can avoid work for at least another half hour.

  4. LOL@Steph…I know dialogue tags *sigh* the bane of our existence.

    Getting too complacent stunts creativity and makes for ho-hum manuscripts.

    Daisy how true this is! I think that’s why some writers change genres after a while–they get bored and there’s no challenge! Though it seems right now research is my biggest challenge. Happy to discover today that Mik works in construction. I have stuff to clear up in my last novella that’ll be so much easier thank to her. Now, if only I can find sleazy by the hour motels in Atlanta :woohoo:

  5. You know you liked those quizzes danica! :memememe:

    Teresa I’m getting ready to do the SAME thing. it’s write new stuff (sleazy motel/raunchy sex :flirt:) or edit with the crits I’ve got. :yell:

  6. I knew that construction experience would come in handy some day! LOL Glad to be of assistance. 🙂

    And I loved this post. It’s full of great advice.

  7. Awesome post, hon!! :woot: VERY inspiring!! Now…lets see me get off my not-so-lazy-just-really-busy butt and get to writing!!! :crazy: