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Last week I stayed up late reading Jane Porter’s Odd Mom Out. (and if you’re a single mom I highly recommend this one. Not only is it about single-mom-dom, it’s got a great romance to boot).

I liked it so much I had to go buy the spin-off book, Mrs. Perfect. I stayed up until nearly 1 on Tuesday night reading–obviously just as good as the first one. (Gaw I’m such a women’s fiction whore).

Luckily yesterday was my early day so a nap was on the menu. Unluckily, I had to take the kid to the doc for an absolutely horrid cough. You know what that meant? Grab a book. I stayed up until 11 last night reading Kelley Armstrong’s The Summoning.This is my first KA book (and  YA AND first in a new series) and I really loved it–even if the premise did remind me a bit too much of Heroes. To tell you anything more would be spoilerish. I will say, if youHATE, LOATHE and DESPISE cliffhanger endings (ala Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vamps series) wait until the second book is out.

Three books in a week is like a record for me and I have to say I’m enjoying the heck outta myself.

So, what are you reading?  the-priest.jpg

Ooooooo I completely forgot! My CP Jackie Barbosa has a new Wicked out tomorrow called THE PRIEST. Yeah, like as in a man o the cloth.

2 thoughts on “Binging

  1. I’m reading Stephen King’s “On Writing”.
    Yes, I’m just getting around to it.
    Yes, day late, dollar short, lol. But it’s interesting. Can’t say I agree with EVERY point so far, but I reckon he knows more than I do. 😉