Big Catch Up!

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I told my kids if they didn’t do the dishes, I wasn’t cooking. Damnit, they did the dishes! 😡

Congrats to my eHarl Buddette Eve Asbury!!!!!! She sold her Victorian romance to Double Dragon and will hopefully have more good news soon.

Congrats to Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless because she’s so superstitious 😕 We’ll be working on her author site soon.

Congrats to me for getting my novella done. Gotta read through the last two chapters and then tomorrow I can send it off. Thanks to Jaq, Dream and Sasha I now have conflict, Jordan :dork: .

Donna Hill has a sneak peek of Getting Hers up. I’m putting it on my TO BUY LIST!

Jay’e’s friend send her some words of wisdom I fully agree with! 😆

Am I the only one who’s been suckered into giving up Alias for Revelations?

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