Between A Rock and a Hard Place

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I know, I think, I blogged about this a while ago. And I know there are authors out there working fiendishly toward a New York contract who might want to beat me for what I’m about to say. But that day has finally arrived. The day when I’m officially NOT under contract.

I suppose the blog title is a bit misleading because I’m not actually between a rock and a hard place. Funny though what a difference a year can make. Last summer I had no agent and was officially NOT under contract for Aphrodisia (and still waiting to hear on my option book). I was TERRIFIED I wouldn’t get a contract. Terrified that I really sucked ass, this story really sucked ass, and I would also never get another agent let alone another contract. Obviously, I got another contract and another agent. And a little over a year later, I’m back where I started but not terrified. I’m actually relieved.  And over the last year I think one of the most important things I’ve learned is that I don’t have to go 70 MPH all the time. It’s okay to take the scenic route, it’s okay to take bathroom breaks on that roadtrip (esp with two kids and a full-time job. 3 cats and a stupid dog).

Not to say I’m doing nothing…I’ve got critiques to do. I’ve got at least two if not three women’s fiction proposals to write/edit/tweak, a couple erotic shorts I need to crank out for Cobblestone and Lord knows what else I”ll come up with–not to mention a kid in football and another in HS this year.

I’m even taking two days off work so I get five days off this weekend. I know, you know that. But not only will I be writing, I’ll be cleaning house *ggg*

5 thoughts on “Between A Rock and a Hard Place

  1. It’s an odd state to be in, but I’ve been there many times. It’s always a good time to reflect and decide what direction you really want to move in. Sometimes it’s a surprise and sometimes it isn’t. I think the thing that writers (including me at times) need to remember is this is a marathon—not a sprint. 🙂

  2. You know I don’t understand why people celebrate three book deals. Yes, there’s money. Yes, there’s acclaim, but once all that dies down you have to produce three books that doesn’t exist.


    But enjoy the break, because the publishing bug is going to bite you.

  3. What Jordan said; it’s a marathon and we have to pace ourselves accordingly. Also, one of the best things I read in a training book back when I was a serious runner was that the sport is for a lifetime and some years will be great, some years you’ll be out sick or injured, and it’s okay, because overall you’re in it to enjoy it for a lifetime. (This author talked a lot about the lifetime view because he was seeing kids overtrained and injured…and I think that has a parallel in publishing perhaps.) We;re writers for life, and we don’t have to try to cram a lifetime body of work into a few years.

    It’s not a bad thing to not be contracted to the eyeballs and to have some breathing space. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. oh Lord I think I sounded like I was whining and I wasn’t!!!!

    I’m really happy to have this break and Jordan I agree, it IS like a marathon! 🙂