Been a While

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I Actually SAVED this one from when the blog was offline…….Even sent it to Raine (trust me we both enjoyed the hell out of it).

I swear, as Raine is my witness this is a REAL personal ad……….

My name is **** *******, I live in G**** P****

Stalk. Me Now! No No really, I swear to God he posted his real name and city. I blocked it out. Don’t know why I bothered but you know, Karma….

I don’t drink,

don’t smoke,


and it’s very important to me to talk without using foul language

Dude get a fucking life already……..shit! :wtf:

expecally when I am in the prescence of a lady. I am much more attracted to women of dark colar and that is what I am looking for is to have a good relationship with a lady with dark skin. To be more perfectly clear

or to mangle grammar even more

I am looking for an African American Lady. I was in a relationship before with a woman with dark skin, and since that relationship I am only attracted to ladies that are African American so if your not Black I am not interested.

So if i’m half black does that mean you’d only be half interested? *snicker* :ohmy:

And then there was this one…….

Easy going lovable teddybear is looking for a hairy women to love. I love to kiss and cuddle.

So what is it he wants to cuddle? :yell:

Fish. In. A. Barrell!

6 thoughts on “Been a While

  1. Wonder why these guys need to post personal ads? 😯

    Ladies should be pounding at their doors…
    With pitchforks and stakes… :dead: