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I feel beaten down. Yesterday was uber-busy at work and I had the worst allergies EVER. I woke up this Am about 6 with my eyes matted shut—ew I know. I really wanted to see The Hulk but based on some really bad reviews I’m going to see The Happening instead!

In other news Candace Havens was blogging about Wanted:

I’ve already received the two best presents ever for my b-day. My kindle and last night I went to see WANTED. OMG, new favorite movie evah! Seriously loved it. I’m going to give it an A and it’s been years since I’ve done that. LOVED IT! It’s going into the all-time favorites with Mary Poppins.

I’m totally cracked up over her putting it in her favorites with Mary Poppins! Go wish her a happy birthday!!!!

Okay it’s shower-time. Will write this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Beaten

  1. Matt and I worked in the yard this morning. My asthma kicked and I had to stop a couple of times because I couldn’t breathe – even after the rescue inhaler.

    We kept smelling the smoker from the BBQ place nearby, so we decided that we would treat ourselves for lunch. Yum.

  2. Heard bad things about The Happening. Really bad things. No plot, special effects that are so outdated they’re corny.
    Just thought I’d let you know.

  3. I sooo want to see Wanted! Allergies, ugh. Stay in inside as much as you can, and I find if I take Benedryl with sufficient amounts of caffeine, it relieves the allergies without knocking me unconscious.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on The Happening.

  4. Rachel….funny there weren’t really any special effects but the music…it was retro-70’s horror ALL THE WAY and funny enough FIT the movie.

    Thanks Jordan….they seem to be better (at least I can wear my contacts without crying LOL)

    Lynn we hit Colters last week–with the express purpose of getting new cups LOL (hey I can’t FIND 32oz cups!!!)

    Charli I think I’m going to blog at SFC about The Happening today.

  5. Heard bad things about The Happening

    Saw it Friday night w/ the DH . . . hated it! It was a 2 hour global warning commercial. Was there music in it? I honestly didn’t even notice–was actually paying more attention to the woman in the next row yacking the entrie movie and the guy behind her keep on kicking her seat–that was entertaining!

  6. Loved the video, that was good. Yesterday….worked all damn day. Picked up the brats, fighting in the back seat. mom gets pissed rear ends the driver in front of her, goes and pronounces a death to a family that is crazy, gets no sleep…..

  7. Hollie that vid rocked!!!!!! I feel ya. I ran my ass off all day yesterday and then the cable/internet went out about 3 🙁 and the damn dog got me up at 5