Back to School

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What back to school time means to me: More time off work to spnd with my kids.

Why? Cuz they spend the first three months bringing home every illness to float down the damn halls 😐

I’ve been up with a puking kid since 4:00 AM…Joy of my life. The other kid stayed home yesterday after waking me up at 2:00 with a massive headache (he TRIED to stay home today but I called his bluff πŸ˜† )

On the flip side, this means writing time and doing the graphics for Raine’s newsletter and maybe a nap :meow: I’m gonna unplug the ‘net (yes steph you heard me right, I said unplug) and see if I can get some work done while I wash pukey sheets.

9 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Oh yicky. I hate stomach bugs. Hope the kid feels better. And I know what you mean. I swear schools are like little virus farms.

  2. Ew. There’s nothing worse that being up with a pukey kid. Poor you. Get some writing done, girl! (And some rest)

  3. Unplug?! That’s why I felt a disturbance in the force…:yell:

    {{{HUGS}}} to the kids – and you. No. Fun.

    Seriously – you’re still there, right? I mean, when you say unplugged, you didn’t mean it literally, right?

    Is that an echo I hear?:cry:

  4. I seem to catch everything the kids bring home (although it does seem to be getting better). I’ve never been as sick as I was that first year we had a baby – and I used to teach!

    Hope all gets better!

  5. Thanks everyone! He seems better but I didn’t get much writing or editing done yesterday. He stopped hurling in the morning and slept nearly all day. It’s not like he can get sick at his dads or anything :loser: