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Ok…….seeing Quinten on AI was a little lotta weird for me last night. Am I the only one?

Before I give you my recap, I hijacked someone’s blog…please stop by and give her some birthday love, okay? *snickers*

OK and I left my notes at home so I’m working from memory here…and it was songs from the movies night!

1. Allison sang…..Don’t Want to Close My Eyes….I thought she did fabulous and the judges agreed. She’s definitely one to watch and I Love how she makes everything her own. I never get bored or irritated watching her like I sometimes do with Adam.

2. Anoop sang….some Bryan Adams song? Name escapes me. I think he gets better and better each week! (thought I do worry about him doing so many ballads)

3. Adam….sang some really loud song. I only remember Paula foaming at the mouth and saying nothing really. Oh Born to be Wild. Honestly, it was kind of like “Oh look, he’s shouting again!”
I hate when he sings all shouty. I find it very annoying but I’m not a huge fan of his.

4. Matt sang….I dunno. I thought he did really good but I think he’s in trouble. The judges weren’t that impressed. I do remember it was by Bryan Adams though.

5. Danny G sang some Lionel Ritchie song that kinda sucked ass. Srsly dude, ballads again? I have to agree w/Simon that I was bored!

6. Kris sang…I dunno. I’d never heard of it before but he gave me chills AND brought a tear to my eye. *sigh*

7. Lil Rounds sang…THE ROSE and OMG Screw the judges I thought she pulled off a home run and I hope the public agrees w/me because damnit she DID make me cry! The judges have scolded her for NOT putting her own spin on her song choices for the last few weeks, but when she does, they scold her for picking The Rose? WTF?! Honestly, my fave performance of hers EVER! I’d totally download it and I think it has single potential but WTF do I know?

In danger based on last night’s performances? Danny G (yes I went there) and Matt G

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