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It was Neil Diamond night on AI last night. Overall, I was not thrilled. It’s below the cut for Amanda in the UK 🙂

Yes, I wrote last night….I’m also doing page proofs for MUS and some heavy WIP thinking. I started a scene for Screwed that feels like it’s in the wrong place. It’s toward the end but I’m thinking it’s more important than that–the heroine finds out the hero violated her trust and invaded her privacy. It means doing a lot of tweaking I don’t have time for but I seriously think it needs moving.

1 Jason “Forever in Blue Jeans” you rushed it at first but it smoothed out. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. I thought it was a good fit for you actually I just wish you’d put more into it.

“September Morn” — I agree w/Paula loo lala (who gave us the biggest WTF moment of the night) you need to push yourself but I’m not sure you’re going to get the chance. This might be your week to go home.

I think you’re ready too. I think you’re tired.

2. David Cook “I’m Alive” and “All I Need Is You” –I thought both songs were good choices for you and sounded like something I could totally hear on the radio now. The judges agreed with me 🙂

3. Brooke White “I’m a Believer” — WTF? HOLY HELL! What were you thinking? It’s not the Monkeys reunited, it’s American Idol. You SO blew it on that one. It’s not about you having a good time, or even YOU liking the song, it’s about performance and song choice–what songs are going to get folks to vote for you? Sorry. Bad arrangement, bad song choice.
“I Am I Said” –You totally redeemed yourself with this one. I hope you go back and watch the tapes and see the difference.

4. David A “Sweet Caroline” — This song is way too old for you. Poor arrangement, horrible song choice, and very dated. Randy declaired it “THE BOMB” I think Randy was smoking crack during the commercial breaks.

Simon said it was amateur and I agree.

“America” I agree w/Simon on this one. Smart song choice. It’ll keep you in the running a second week but my thought was, “Whatever.” You’ve already lost me dude.

5. Syesha “Hello Again” – Solid if not original. I don’t remember what the judges said.

“Thank The Lord For The Nighttime” — Randy liked it….Simon said she was a good actress/singer reinforcing her place is probably on Broadway.

Overall, I could care less. I’m seriously beginning to wonder why I watched. I think we need to declare David Cook the winner and call it a night/season.

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4 thoughts on “American What?

  1. It was just as I expected it to be… a total freaking snoozefest. Bah. If they have to have “celebs” on there, they need to find some that aren’t so OLD and who have songs that even the best Idol can’t make modern. Seriously. blech.